48 hours Neu-Kölln 2012

This year, Loesje is taking part to the biggest art festival in Berlin:

the 14th edition of the 48 Hours Neu-Kölln 

This festival transform an entire neighborhood of Berlin into a artistic and creative space. Gardens allotments,streets, public squares, parks, private flats, bars, as well as galleries and museums will become exhibition and interactive art space between the 15th and the 17th of June.  

The thema of the 2012 edition is "Last stop: Paradise", touching different topics such as migration, travel, gentrification...

  • "(...) It provides us with an occasion to consider what affect immigration has had on Neukölln since 1737. How well do different populations, practitioners of very different religions, with divergent cultures co-exist on a practical level? Have various generations of immigrants who have settled in Neukölln come in search of their own private happiness and prosperity and perhaps found their own personal paradise here? Why have so many people who are internationally active in all manner of creative activity moved to Neukölln in recent years– and what impact has this had on life in the district? (...)"

More info: http://www.48-stunden-neukoelln.de/2012/index.html

You will find Loesje in the Kleingartenkolonie Hand in Hand, Rütlistr. 8, 12045 Berlin.

Saturday 16th of June 14h/18h and Sunday 17th of June 14h/18h

  • Let yourself be guided in the streets of Neu-Kölln by the posters signed by the girl Loesje.
  • Take some time to discover the messages she let for you.
  • Find your path through the city and discover a small paradise where she is waiting for you.
  • Come with your own experiences on migration, travel, return, root, origin or simply life path.
  • Share them around a table, discover others' stories and start to write together.
  • When you go, don’t forget to let some message for others on your way.

More info on Reuter kiez in the 48 hours Neu-Kolln:   http://www.kunstreuter.de/

Program of the Reuter kiez in the 48 hours Neu Kolln:  /files/u82/reuterkiezflyer2012web_0.pdf