Mašta – a magazine for creative activism

This is a magazine, dedicated to novel ways in which to highlight social issues through activism. It serves both as inspiration for those wishing to fight for social change with surprising new methods and the means at their disposal; and as a handbook, outlining concrete actions, giving the blueprint for criticizing society, and acting to express this, in the streets, through the media, or in institutions.

Put together from submissions from a broad network of European activists, the content of Mašta reflects a broad range of issues concerning young people all over Europe.

Everybody is able to contribute to the magazine, and a final selection is made by the editing team.

The editorial team is also an open body, and we are always looking for people to edit and proofread material, contribute graphic content and assist with layout, as well as developing exciting ideas about future directions for the project, and possible themes for future issues and articles.

Mašta started as a Loesje project but is now standing on its own two feet. 

The magazine is available online here:

The e-mail address for contributions is

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This project is supported by Jugend für Europa.