War and Peace: How are we going to remember the future?

2020 Is the year that will mark the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II. In commemoration of this special date Loesje International organizes a training course for youth workers and activists under the name War and Peace: How are we going to remember the future? People from eight different countries (the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Croatia) will come together for the duration of the project.

The main goal of War and Peace project is to overcome the alarming trend to forget many sad lessons of history and the dangers that come with it. Every day of the 7 day training course there will be Loesje workshops during which the participants are stimulated to exchange knowledge about such topics as: wars in past and present; how to gain and obtain peace; refugees then and now; censorship and freedom of speech and the importance of remembrance. We want to equip youth workers and activists with new creative tools to inspire young people.

War and Peace training course will take place at the Youth Meeting Center Ysselsteyn. Situated near the WWII German military cemetery, the Centre is a perfect location for discussions about war and peace, since the Netherlands were occupied by Germany during World War II, the place itself rises controversial questions and discussions on the subject.