Busy times ahead!

Two projects just got approved for funding which means Loesje will be very busy the next months!

The Finnish handbook is HERE!

All you ever needed to know (or at least, a good start) about how to start up your own Loesje group, how to make creative text writing, final editing and lay out, you can find here. Read it online or print it out below.

March poster series available now!

The new fresh Loesje posters came out of the Spring! Find them in the Poster Archive in the March 2012 month. Read,enjoy, share them in the streets or through social media...

The Loesje Handbook now in German! / Loesje Handbook jetzt auch in Deutsch!

The German version of the Loesje Handbook is now available. Find out how to create your own Loesje group, how to make creative writing workshops, final editing and lay-out of posters.

Read online or print it below.

Loesje's biannual Assembly 2012 came to an end

After spending last two days together we have successfully finished our yearly meeting. For the first time we used Skype to get the updates from Loesje groups which couldn't send their representatives to Berlin. It was very inspiring to hear live about developement of new Loesjes and their Activities. We evaluated also the international series with the comment that it got improved comparing to the last one. On Sunday we had two text writing workshops and after lunch we did some poster spreading.

Fund raiser wanted for Recycled Creativity 2012

The RECYCLED CREATIVITY FESTIVAL 2012 is looking for a multi talented and independent *fund raiser* to help realize this years' festival.

February poster series available now!

Discover the new poster series on Loesje's poster archive now!

Human Rights posters from AUS available now!

 Loesje gave feedback on posters about Human Rights created by 4th year visual communication students at the CAAD College of Architecture, Art and Design - The American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Each series of posters illustrates one chosen article of the International Declaration of Human Rights. 

Find all the posters preview here in Loesje's project folder!

Voting for February Series

Welcome to the voting of the February series!

Choose the texts you like by ticking them. If you DON'T tick a text, it means you DON'T like it = voting NO.

You can also leave a comment below.

The poll is open until Monday 27th of February, 10 AM. 

Thank you in advance with helping to make the new series