• This March Loesje decided to get involved in this worthy cause. Friends of Loesje gathered to write texts commenting on the topic of gun control, they created some nice new posters that they took with them to Amsterdam on the day of the march to spread in the city and share with the people.


    Take some time to view the exhibition of Loesje posters that comment on relevant issues we face today as a society. For example: freedom of expression, human rights, discrimination, poverty, environmental issues, government issues, among others and help us create a living, moving, developing exhibition by contributing your own thoughts/writing

    This is the address: Belcrumweg 60, 4815 HA Breda, the Netherlands.

    Open: Tuesday-Friday: 11am-6pm and Saturday 12pm-6pm.

    - Loesje will write twice daily, starting at 13:00 and 16:00
    - The writing will last around 1hour and will be in English!

    ** If you plan on visiting us in a group, please email us! ( - we can arrange a longer slot for you to visit us.

  • The new Loesje movie is out.

    If you want to know Loesje a bit better and the organisation behind her this could be a good start. For those of you who are already familiar with Loesje it will be a great watch as well, since you will see where Loesje is now.

  • Find them all here.



  • You can find her here.



    New poster series and workshops about wars in the past and in the present, remembrance, censorship and freedom of speech, refugees and how to achieve world peace.

    Read all about Loesje's "War and Peace" project here.



  • Like always Loesje will be out there on the streets to acknowledge the World Press Freedom Day. If you would like to join you can find more information here.

  • Loesje has returned from a nice Spring Conference in London.

  • You can find them all here