May review of Loesje news

In each month Loesje International collects the lates news, articles and updates as a review of our actions.

In this review you can read about Loesje's activities in May and take a look at the newest poster series:


Summer Camp Reminder

If you are planning your summer holiday, don't forget about the Loesje Summer Camp in Estonia from 22nd July til 02nd August 2011.


Final Editing - another clip about how our Text Writing Workshops work ;)

A short video explaining the process of creating Loesje posters.

Welcome to the Oddstream festival update of the Freedom of Speech wall.


As you know, Loesje has a container full of cool activities for the visitors of the Oddstream festival in Nijmegen, Netherlands. Every now and then during the day we are giving you the latest in what people have expressed on the wall right here. Follow us!


Getting to know the girl that represents creativity filled with optimism and includes critique that encourages people to (re)think what is inspiring.

April review of Loesje news

Loesje International decided to share news and updates in a form different from the Bulletin to make the web site more interactive. Due to these plans we publish every month a review of the latest news, articles and updates of Loesje.

Here you can find our April review:

Paper boats and water lilies

When did you fold a paper boat for the last time? Here's your chance to pick up on your old folding skills.

In this pdf file you can find foldable Loesje boats. And they'd like to sail over your local fountain, park pound or rain pool. So they can make passers-by stand still, wonder and smile for a while. When you don't remember how exactly to fold a paper boat, here's the instructions for dummies.

Good bye from Loesje's interns

Thanks to the Circles of European Integration project (CEI) Loesje International was hosting two interns from Spain for one month from the end of March till the end of April 2011. Here you can read about their experiences at Loesje International:

Oddstream festival information


Oddstream festival 2nd-5th of June - an inspirational place to be