How to write creative Loesje posters?

Here you can watch a short movie about Loesje's text writing workshop. You can follow all the steps how Loesje texts are created.


We will keep you informed when we have the next workshop!

Voting for April Series

Welcome to the voting of the April series!

Choose the texts you like by ticking them. If you don't tick a text, it means you don't like it. You can also leave a comment below. 

Thank you for your help making the new series!

Here you can find the long list of text proposals, what we collected this month.

free energy / said the wind
45% (37 votes)
would it be possible to be on top without any on the bottom
43% (35 votes)
being able to share / has nothing to do with numerics
38% (31 votes)
if you meet expectations / don't forget to have a good discussion with them
38% (31 votes)
when I don’t read books I like to read people
37% (30 votes)
today i'll go where the first hitchhiker takes me
35% (29 votes)
how lonely the one / who had internet first / must have been
34% (28 votes)
and then it turned out that the ideal woman is simply being herself
33% (27 votes)
diversity showed me how boring I was
33% (27 votes)
nuclear energy/ Gimme more / I always wanted to shine in the darkness
32% (26 votes)
stop beating her / it’s you who has the problem
22% (18 votes)
the real world / and the front door as your on-botton
16% (13 votes)
how cool is it to be a fish
15% (12 votes)
live your life / not your parents one / someone else's
13% (11 votes)
so many different parties / it seems like a multicultural society
13% (11 votes)
spring / love / 1+1=69
11% (9 votes)
i don’t want sweets daddy / as a gift after touching me
10% (8 votes)
in Berlin few works for money / it seems to work so far
4% (3 votes)
Total voters: 82

Upload your own article! Bulletin, bye for now..


as you can read from the results of the board meeting concerning Loesje International's web presence, we have decided to share news and updates in a form different from the Bulletin. One reason is to make the web site more interactive. We also believe it is better to focus on each article like this, rather than focus on one entity, which was the Bulletin. As the texts will be shared on Facebook too, they will reach a bigger crowd. Read more here:

Rocking video of the international assembly

Here you can watch the next short summary about the board meeting and assembly of Loesje International:

Keep on rocking \m/

Do you want to do EVS in Berlin at the international Loesje office?

We are looking for two creative and motivated people to do European Voluntary Service (EVS) at the international Loesje office in Berlin for 12 months. EVS is a project of the European Commission and it means you can live for free in Berlin, do society-committed work and enjoy life, if you are under 30. Regulations you can read below.

How to improve the web presence of Loesje International?

Missed the board meeting and assembly? Interested in the discussed topics? Do you want to know more about our plans? Would you like to share also your ideas about Loesje's future?

We're happy to inform you that we are going to publish short summaries about the meeting, so you will have the chance to take part in it virtually and share your comments with us.

The NEW Loesje handbook is here!

All you ever needed to know (or at least, a good start) about how to start up your own Loesje group, how to make creative text writing, final editing and lay out, you can find here. Read it online or print it out below.

If you want to translate the handbook into your language, just email us and she will give you more information! The handbook will soon be available in Polish, Spanish and Hebrew. Volunteers for translations into other languages very welcome!

Time to register for Youth Critical Media Literacy Training

The idea of the international training is to train 24 already experienced participants in arts, media and communication, using workshops to create a common understanding of the festival concepts and create the group work atmosphere, and practical »field work«, with an accent on peer to peer education and communication work. The training and its participants will at the same time be the media team of the Oddstream festival, creating synergies with it, and report from it, partly in collaboration with local media.

Reflections on Loesje as a girl

Today, Loesje International is having a text writing workshop on the theme of feminism. In the Poster Archive, you can find an already existing series on the subject. The way people deal with this day, sure does create a debate. One day a year, it exposes how gender-norms are questioned or if they are questioned at all. Here is an article related to the subject of Loesje addressed as a girl. Leave your comments and reactions for further debate. This is possible today and the rest of the year.