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Send in your text proposals each month

Once a month the international Loesje crew gathers all the text proposals that the groups all over the world have written. From this the international posters series gets created (see voting online on the next link). We would be very happy for your texts as well! You can send them to loesje@loesje.org . On the e-mail list you will get a reminder each month that it’s time to send in your proposals, but you are welcome to send them in whenever.

Help selecting the Loesje texts for posters by voting online

If you want to help create the international poster series, you can vote for this month’s text proposals here. The votes, comments and suggestions are used as a basis when the international Loesje crew does the so called ‘final editing’ i.e. the final selection of this months’ poster series.

Set up / contribute to a group page on this website

If you want to add some posters, events, material, videos etc on a group page you can contact the person responsible for this group page. If there is not already a group page about your city, region or country, you can contact loesje@loesje.org  to get access and instructions to set up your own. It’s very nice for people to be able to read online about what you are doing and get inspired from that! 

Join Loesje on Facebook

You can join Loesje on Facebook if you have a profile there. CLICK HERE

Write along on actual topics

To use your freedom of expression to write about different topics, you can join the Write Along. The topics are changed about every two weeks and you can suggest your own topics there as well.

E-mail list

Loesje has an international e-mail list, where new projects and activities gets announced every month. Sign up for the e-mail list here.


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