War and Peace: How are we going to remember the future is a European project initiated by Loesje international,  that aims to meet with organizations that are involved in the pedagogy of remembrance as well as actors in peace and human rights education.

Loesje offers creative writing workshops, focusing on topics such as: Censorship and freedom of speech, The duty of remembrance, borders, how to achieve world peace and refugees.



War and Peace poster series 


The aim of the project can be summarised as: Remembering and reflecting on past and current wars in order to gain and obtain peace

Loesje creative writing workshop


After all the creative writing sessions Loesje will bundle the posters into a book that will reflect on past wars and those that are happening right now. The posters will of course be spread in classic Loesje fashion on the streets and through social media, so that the posters created during the project will reach as many people as possible, who can in turn reflect on these texts and ask questions.

"How do I want to remember the future?

Results Liberation Festival Wageningen 2017


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