War and Peace: How are we going to remember the future is a project initiated by Loesje International,  that aims to meet with organizations that are involved in the pedagogy of remembrance as well as actors in peace and human rights education.

Loesje offers creative writing workshops, focusing on topics such as: Censorship and freedom of speech, The duty of remembrance, borders, how to achieve world peace and refugees.

The aim of the project can be summarised as: Remembering and reflecting on past and current wars in order to gain and obtain peace.


Loesje's Peace Tour

Every year our friends at PAX for Peace organise a National Peace week, a week comprised of various events and workshops which aim to start dialogue about the topic 'Peace'. PAX is a not-for-profit, non-governmental peace organisation that aim to bring about peace, reconciliation and justice in the world. Together with people in conflict areas and concerned citizens worldwide, PAX works to build just and peaceful societies across the globe. Together with their partners ICAN (International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons), who have just been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of their role in achieving the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, they hosted Peace Week 2017.  


Loesje International took part; leading and participating in workshops in various locations in the Netherlands. She made a stop at Youth meeting centre Ysselsteyn (part of the Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge) to write with German school children, who had a week long program for their stay in the Netherlands; all based around the the topics of war and peace. The children preferred to write in German, but still came out with some interesting and thoughtful texts. She also made stops in Haarlem; creating texts with the members of Apostilisch Genootschap, and at a Symposium: Power of Peace in Education - held in the Museon in The Hague, where Loesje wrote with educators and their children.

The week ended with the festival Manifeest. The festival was an amalgamation of art, music, workshops and talks to celebrate the close of the week. Loesje was there again to give a workshop for members of the public/attendees of the festival, the group wrote for an hour and created some interesting texts.


After all the creative writing sessions Loesje will bundle the posters into a book that will reflect on past wars and those that are happening right now. The posters will of course be spread in classic Loesje fashion on the streets and through social media, so that the posters created during the project will reach as many people as possible, who can in turn reflect on these texts and ask questions.


"How do I want to remember the future?"



War and Peace poster series


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Photos on this page where taken by Stefan Heijdendael

Partners for this project: PAX for peace, Wageningen 45, the National Liberation Museum 1944-1945, De Vrije Ruimte (democratic eduction 4-18 years) JMC Ysselsteyn, House Across Borders Lommel and Apostolisch Genootschap Haarlem.