• Hupsakee, vier nieuwe posters erbij.

    Cyberpesten / niet enkel voor übernerds viaduct bij valavond knipperende lichtjes en zacht geroezemoes vreemd ben je enkel voor de ander warme winter, er zijn al panda's gespot in het Zuiden

  •                                                                                                                                        This is the training course where you can develop your trainer competencies
    in working with Human Rights Education on national and international level!


    ■ Developing trainers’ knowledge and compe-

    tencies in key concepts of Human Right Educa-

    tion with young people.

    ■ Reviewing and addressing essential compe-

    tencies, skills and attitudes for a trainer when

    working with Human Rights Education in non-

    formal learning setting.

    In this training:

    ■ An analysis of the competencies, skills and values of

    trainers working with Human Rights Education.

    ■ Practical workshops on essential skills and attitudes

    for trainers.

    ■ A review of the evolution of Human Rights Education

    in Europe and the present challenges that it faces.

    ■ Opportunities to share experiences and challenges

    of developing Human Rights education in formal and

    non-formal education settings.

    General information
    ■Dates: April 16-25, 2014.
    ■Location: Armenia, city of Dilijan.
    ■The working language is English.
    ■36 Participants from 12 countries.
    ■Only for people from:
    Finland, Armenia, Egypt,
    Macedonia, Palestine, Hungary, Ukraine, Italy,
    The Netherlands. Latvia, Germany, Serbia.
    Financial conditions
    ■Accommodation and catering are fully covered.
    ■70% Reimbursement of travel expenses.
    Travel reimbursement
    Expenses for accommodation and catering,
    as well as 70 percent* of your travel costs
    are covered with financial support from
    Youth in Action programme of the European
    About the organisation
    Loesje is an international network of young, creative citi-
    zens organised in both local informal groups and national
    associations. It is also a “Dutch girl” who so-to-say signs all
    the posters. The foundation ‘Loesje International’ was founded
    in the Netherlands, and has its international office in Berlin.
    The Loesje network’s main focus areas are culture and crea-
    tive expression; human rights and democracy; international
    peace, tolerance and the fight against racism and xenophobia;
    environmental protection and climate change and internation-
    al as well as personal development. With the posters Loesje
    inspires people to reflect, take action and form their own
    opinions. As well as this, Loesje develops inspiring projects
    which create space for the participants to develop and express
    their ideas, thoughts and opinions, and offer opportunities to
    disseminate the results to a wider audience, both locally and
    Deadline: 28th February
    For more information and for the application form contact:



  • Voting

    Yes! We can vote again for the International Series :-) Until Wednesday you can raise your voice. Take care and happy voting. 

  • Yeah it's time to vote again. Quick, rush and have a close look. You have until Sunday to analyze the words and let Loesje know what you think.

    Happy voting.

  • Dear friends of Loesje,

    Here is some practical information about the international congress for Loesjes birthday:

    - The location of the congress is:
    scouting vereniging de Batavieren, Grootstalselaan 13, 6533 KH Nijmegen

    - From Nijmegen central station you can take one of the following busses. It takes about 15 minutes to get to the location.

    - Bus 83 to Venlo or Gennep
    Stop at Scheidingsweg
    Go right at the crossing, walk straight on and you will find the location on your left. 

    - Bus 6 to Brabantsepoort
    Stop at Archimedestraat
    Walk straight on, turn left on Grootstalselaan, you will find the location on your right

    - Bus 1 to Molenhoek
    Stop at Archimedestraat
    Walk straight on, turn left on Grootstalselaan, you will find the location on your right

    - If you are sleeping over don’t forget to bring your mattress, sleeping bag and earplugs can also be useful. 

    - There will be a delicious breakfast, lunch, diner, coffee and tea for €5,- each day. You can buy lots of cheap beer and other drinks at our real bar so don’t forget to bring some cash money too. 

    - Don’t forget to bring your medication if you use any. Let us know if there are any important things like allergies we should know about.

    - If you would like to give a workshop, bring the things you need or let us know what it is so we can arrange things. 

    I hope this is enough information for now. I will post this again right before the congress and i will add our phone numbers so that you can call us in case you can’t find our happy meeting with a lot of drinks in the forest, or got arrested 

    You can send an email to or if you have any questions.
    I’m really looking forward to meet everyone and celebrate Loesjes birthday with you all.



  •                                         Newsletter September 2013




    • News

    • Loesje International Series of the Month

    • Welcome Sandra to International

    • Loesje in America

    • Loesje 30th Birthday

    • Summercamp 2013

    • Summercamp as experienced by Loesje member Duider

    • Summercamp texts

    • Sticking Loesje posters in Berlin



    September is upon us and be sure Loesje is out there conquering the world. She will get help from Sandra who just started to work for Loesje International and she will introduce herself in this newsletter. Loesje Poland is heading for the big murals (one of the texts for the murals you can already find in the series) and soon there will be some international writing sessions with several loesje countries involved. And of course Loesje is already busy preparing for her 30th birthday.


    The International Series of the Month


    Welcome Sandra to International

    Hi everybody, my name is Sandra. I’m working on my bachelor social work at the HAN in Nijmegen and I’m in my third year right now. From the month September I’ll be an intern at the Loesje office in Arnhem, for ten months.

    I already stuck my first posters. Together with Kaat, Mechteld and the other new interns, I went to Ede and Utrecht to visit some student homes and stuck posters on the walls of the toilets. It was a nice day and I got the change to get to know my new colleagues a little bit better.

    Upcoming months I’m going to help Ralph, to give Loesje international a restart. I also want to think along and cooperate as much as possible with all the Loesje projects and activities that happen and eventually work out my own ideas.

    Last weekend for example I talked with other members about the 30th birthday of Loesje and how we are going to celebrate that. I’m really looking forward to elaborate this further. Hopefully I’ll meet many of you at the anniversary weekend in November. It would be really nice to get to know Loesje members from all over the world and have a great time together.

    Kind regards!


    Loesje in America

    Thanks to Agnieszka from Loesje Poland, Loesje is finally spreading her word in the United States.

    Will this be the beginning of Loesje America?

    Loesje 30th Birthday

    After Summercamp there is another big event coming up. Loesje as an organization will turn 30 on the 24th of November and of course we will not let this moment pass unnoticed. A Loesje festival spearheaded by an International Assembly will take place from the 21th till the 24th of November.
    The assembly and the festival will be held in Loesje's own hometown Arnhem. There is not much more that we can tell at the moment apart from the fact that it will be terrific. So mark these dates in your agenda and we will keep you updated about this special event.

    For questions and suggestions you can contact Ralph at

    Summercamp 2013

    Summercamp 2013 is over. We all had a great time on this beautiful spot in Lohals, Denmark. A twenty minute walk brought you to a fairytale-like mangrove tree and the sea, were you could watch a magical sunset. The school of freedom program was very eclectic. From dark romantic poetry in the morning to sea aerobics in the afternoon. From yoga to sword fighting and from looting to cooking. It was all there and of course there was the occasional party at night (no pictures are allowed from those events, sorry :-)) There were also a lot of Loesje writing sessions and for your enjoyment we put a few of these texts in the newsletter. The location of Summercamp 2014 is not yet known, but it will be again around the end of July / beginning of August. So don't book your holiday during that time, because we all want to see you next year.

    Summercamp texts
    - Blood-thirsty creatures are waiting in the dark / they are called mosquitoes
    - One good mustache can inspire an entire theme party
    - I was ticking with my spoon / suddenly it evolved into a dinner orchestra
    - When the hangover is bad / don't kill the wake up service
    - Politics at summercamp: do the text pages move left or right?
    - Summercamp superpowers: I think the cooks can make us do anything

    Summercamp as experienced by Loesje member Duider

    Last month’s Summercamp started out rather orderly: writing and sticking sessions and only a bunch of delayed train travelers. But in hindsight, we have to acknowledge that the problems really started with the making of the School of Freedom program.

    Far too many role-playing games and workshop were put in, and this was very confusing to the participants and the organizers alike. For instance, the workshop Pillaging and Looting was planned simultaneously with the workshop Hostage Taking. (Or was it?) This flaw in the program immediately resulted in the first casualty of the Summercamp: Kaat Brown Eyes. (from now on to be called: Kaat Blue Eyes)

    As this one casualty did not fall into the 10% collateral rate, as the Pillagers and Looters had argued, our hopes of returning to The Netherlands with a 100% score had been shattered. But there were still a handful of foreigners left to loot: two more Belgians, two Germans and one German disguised as a Russian.

    But towards the end, summercamp really had spiraled out of control. It had started snowing during the first real role-playing game. (Luckily this was only right after the Searobics workshop.) The bridge had been closed, leaving us isolated from the outside world. Not that there is much to miss about Denmark. But the feelings of isolation, and the anxiety got hold of us quickly. Since then, each workshop and game had left each of us with another role to play and another mission to fulfill. Then the murder ‘game’ came. The murder game itself got cut short by suicide and even genocide. Although that last claim still awaits confirmation by senator McCain, whom we had to leave on the island to keep the jellyfish occupied. But the game had forced us to add to our own pile, the pile of roles and missions of our victims.

    In the end, the chaos and anxiety made some of us actually go mad and play each other in real-life: with me (Duider) playing Mechteld-the-diva, Lotte playing me after stealing back her dress, Tom playing Max or Max playing Tom depending on Schrödinger’s cat being alive or dead, Chris playing Vincent-when-he’s-sober, Geertje playing … some kind of Beast, Jos playing Jaron, Anouk and Vincent playing Lena and Erik, Maarten playing Geertje, … Some acting even went on during the wake-up service. No, those weren’t just nightmares!

    And every day all we had to help us keep track, was the Daily A4! Half the size of a poster, and completely filled with rumors on reality, updates on updates on ongoing rumors, and a variety of quotes: some of them actually coming from the imaginary friends of the mentally disintegrating Daily’s reporters who struggled to keep track themselves.

    See you all next year!



    Sticking Loesje posters in Berlin

    At the end of July Loesje went from Arnhem to Berlin to do some serious sticking, together with her friends. She took the latest International Series with her and made some cool pictures of her sticking adventure, which she also put on facebook.. She went to Unter den Linden, Alexanderplatz, Wannsee and Schlachtensee and to name a few and Treptow were she met her friends from Loesje Berlin. You could also help Loesje by spreading the Series of the Month in your own hometown and share it with your friends.

  • Yes, we can all vote again!

    The poll is open until Tuesday 25th of June, 11:59 PM



    Project “Because ideas are no birds” is a training course for participants from 12 countries and will take place from 1st-11th July, 2013 in Latvia.
    It will deal with solving several common problems in youth organizations/projects by training youth workers/volunteers about idea creation and brainstorming methods, innovative presentations and publicity in field of international youth work. 
    All the activities will offer an important capacity to participants personally as well as to their organizations. An important part of learning process will be the exchange of experiences about the agreed problems to be solved. 

    You can read more about the project here.
  • Welcome to the voting of the Loesje International Series of the Month (May)!

    The poll is open until Monday 13th of May, 11:59 PM. 

    Thank you in advance with helping to make the new series of the month


    Loesje is looking for people to share her office in Berlin! 
    (Read more - German below) 
    The somewhat different co-working space is looking for new people. 
    We are looking for: 
    • Not so loud people/organisations/start ups to share our co-working space 
    in Karl-Kunger-Straße 55 in Alt-Treptow, which you can reach easily by bus 
    194 right outside the door, bus 104 and 171 around the corner; U-bahn stop 
    Schlessisches Tor (U1) or S-bahn stop Treptower Park reachable by ca 10 min 
    on foot / 2 min by bus. 
    We offer: 
    • 2-3 desks (or other arrangements) in our ca 130m2 co-working space, which 
    consists of three rooms, including: 
    • one large common room with a large table and ca 11 seats, a fridge and a 
    space to project images. This room can also be used during the evening or 
    on weekends, when not already booked. With concern to the neighbours we 
    can’t have any loud activities and after 10 pm preferably very silent 
    • A spacious kitchen, where we also cook together during the weekdays, 
    equipped with a dishwasher, microwave and pots and pans also in size XL ;) 
    • The monthly price per desk is €140 (for groups other deals can be made, 
    depending on size and space needed), including the use of a common printer, 
    WLAN, fax and phone (flatrate to landlines) and insurance. At the moment we 
    also have access to a beamer/projector. 
    We are: 
    • Rola, Anat and Jana from Loesje (currently present 3 days per week), 
    creative text writing and international projects (working in English, 
    German, Hebrew and Slovene)<> 
    • Carla, Labor für Kunst und nachhaltige Bildung.Currently in formation, 
    will be a library with printed media, DVDS about sustainability, art, 
    design, architecture, city planning, pedagogics and languages (mainly 
    French) and workshops. 
    • Carsten, Graphical designer and Web designer (currently often abroad)<> 
    You can come by and have a look, mail us to get an appointment: 
    Please remember to include your phone number so we can get back to you! 

    Das etwas andere Coworking-Space sucht neue Köpfe 
    Wir suchen: 
    • ruhige(n) NutzerInnen für Mitte April frei werdende Plätze in unserem 
    auch mit der BVG gut erreichbaren Coworking-Space in der Karl-Kunger-Straße 
    55 in Alt-Treptow - mit Bushaltestelle (Linie 194) direkt vor der Tür, 
    weitere Bushaltestelle (Linie 171) und die U-Bahnhaltestelle Schlesisches 
    Tor sowie die S-Bahnhaltestelle Treptower Park fußläufig zu erreichen 
    • auch Gruppen, Organisationen und Startups sind herzlich willkommen! 
    Wir bieten: 
    • 2 -3 Schreibtische in unserem insgesamt 130 qm großen Coworking-Space, 
    das aus drei Räumen besteht, u.a. 
    • einem großen Gemeinschaftsraum mit zwei Tischen und rund 11 Sitzplätzen 
    rund um einen Tisch (weitere in zweiter Reihe), einer Sitzecke, einem bei 
    Bedarf zu nutzenden Kühlschrank sowie einer Projektionsfläche 
    Dieser Raum ist nach Absprache auch abends bzw. am Wochenende zu nutzen - 
    nach 22 Uhr aus Rücksicht auf die Nachbarn allerdings nur in 
    • mit geräumiger Küche, in der wir mittags auch gemeinsam kochen können, 
    (u.a. mit Spülmaschine und Mikrowelle sowie Kochtöpfen auch in XL ;) 
    • monatliche Kosten pro Schreibtisch: € 140 (bei Gruppen nach Absprache), 
    inkl. gemeinsamer Nutzung von Drucker, WLAN, Faxgerät sowie einem eigenem 
    Telefonanschluss (Flaterate ins Festnetz) und Versicherung, (Aktuell steht 
    uns auch ein Beamer zur Nutzung vor Ort zur Verfügung) 
    • bei Interesse Kooperationen, Ideenaustausch etc. möglich (z.B. 
    Lektorieren von Texten) 
    Wir sind: 
    • Rola, Anat und Jana von Loesje (aktuell drei Tage pro Woche vor Ort) 
    kreative Schreibworkshops und Begegnungsprojekte (aktuell auf Deutsch, 
    Englisch oder Hebräisch) 
    • Carla, Labor für Kunst und nachhaltige Bildung, aktuell gerade im Aufbau, 
    (u.a. geplante Präsenzbibliothek mit Printmedien und DVDs sowie MDs mit den 
    Schwerpunkten Nachhaltigkeit, Kunst, Design, Architektur/ Stadtplanung, 
    Pädagogik und Sprachen (hier vor allem Französisch und Lerntechniken) sowie 
    Arbeitsplätze u.a. für künstlerische und Kreativ-Workshops etc.) 
    • Carsten, freier Grafiker und Webdesigner (aktuell überwiegend im Ausland 
    Besichtigung jederzeit nach Absprache möglich - bei Detailfragen 
    vorzugsweise ab 2.4. Dienstags oder Freitags, Kontaktaufnahme über Carla: 
    Kontaktaufnahme über Rola: 
    Bitte jeweils unter Angabe auch Eurer Rückrufnummer!