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  • The World Press Freedom day, marked on the 3rd of May is a day regarded as a Christmas of a sort in media circles, a day that cannot be described as languid by any reasonable person for obvious reasons.

    The major challenge to freedom of expression over the years has been known to be government interferance; censorship, makes me wonder what they are afraid of - talk of skeletons in the closet.

    Cultural diversity is another challenge that is not new to press freedom, but recently, machiavelism has proved to be a subtle enemy that has beleagered  our society in a crypitic way.

    "I may disagree with what you have to say but i shall defend, to the death, your right to say it", the philosopher Voltaire wrote in the 18th century. This statement underscores one of the basic conditions for a free society where people from different backgrounds can live together. Our world has developed a lot since Volaire wrote his famous sentence. Due to globalisation, the world is becoming smaller and more accessible. The political culture in which freedom of expression is granted and protected has been shaped over centuries.

    Nowadays, I can hardly avoid the daily news updates on bombings and terror especially against media estalishments. It makes me wonder, what about the situation in the global market place of ideas?

    Even illitrates know that diversity is absolutely essential. If you formulate your opinion on a broad range of information, your own view will only become strong, different perspectives will broaden your horizon whether you agree with them or not. So where is Boko Haram (jihadist terrorist organization based in the north of Nigeria) coming from, why are they still faceless. Nigerians no longer blame the senceless killings to bigotry, whether religious or ethinic, it's gone farther than that.

    How free can the Nigerian press be? Machiavellism is a theory that prescribes getting result by all means, it says that the end will justify the means, it means manipulating people diplomatically so that they could be "suffering and smiling".

    3rd of may , I heard in the news that President Jonathan has denied accusation made by Henry Orka, who is standing trial in a South African court for terrorism against Nigeria, Orka had accused Jonathan of masterminding the terrorist attacks as a desperate political move, whether this is the rantings of a drowning man, is yet to be seen, but this smoke is surely emanating from somewhere, what I don't know is if there is fire to it. Boko haram has gone berserk on civilians, while the leaders are stiff and stoic, or should I say bland.

    Trust, they say is a social capital which can be converted to human and financial capital in a progressive society, so you see why the arm of our clock is reading backward. Whatever the case, powers that be must know that freedom of speech is directly connected to the right to have acces to knowledge, people that are denied this, get denied of one of the most basic human rights, so, I submit that we leave the press out of this cryptic agenda, if protection cannot be guaranteed.

    So how many boxes belong to your culture and how many boxes do you need to put your culture in? Does it all need to make sense? Always? I don't know how to dance katanga...

    Obinna, Loesje Nigeria

  • On the 5th of May, Loesje and her friends organized a huge party to celebrate the opening of the EU4YOUTH point at the Jugendklub Linse in Berlin, Germany.

    Young people active in Loesje in Berlin, Germany and Koper, Slovenia are developing a transnational youth initiative: the Communi-action project. The aim of this project is to build two connected EU4YOUTH Points: one in Berlin and one in Koper.

    These two points in Europe will serve as education-information-creative spaces for youth who want to learn more about EU, youth in EU, NGOs, literature and human rights. They will also be creative and participatory points. You can discover more about the project here.

    The Press Freedom Party also commemorated the World Press Freedom Day that took place on the 3rd of May. A Freedom of Speech wall was put up to enable everyone to express themselves.

    Niti Dhingra opened the night with a stand up comedy show about the german language and freedom.

    Then, it was time for music and the local bands 54 Fingers, Best of Kuchen und Kekse and The Last Pawnbrokers rocked and rapped the audience at Linse.

    54 Fingers

    Best of Kuchen und Kekse

    The Last Pawnbrokers

    Finally, the people danced the party away with the sound of DJ Ex-Ist and left with a smile on their faces.

  • With the help of her friends, Loesje spread her posters all over the globe today for the World Sticking Day!

    Here are some examples of cities that got a creative spree over their walls and other public places.

    If you didn't stick yet, you still have some hours to go until the 3rd of May ends. Brush, check; posters, check; glue, check; Ready! Set! Go!

    Posters have been spotted all over the world

    Posters in Delf and Utrecht, Netherlands.

    Posters in Berlin, Germany.

    Posters in Prilep, Macedonia.

    Here find the different press review in the Dutch media about the World Sticking day: 

    De Stentor Zwolle:

    Rtv Nijmegen Lonneke 's middags

    Brabants Dagblad (Tilburg) via Vero

    RTV Brabant Janne, Kaat en Meindert Den Bosch

    Jongin Arnhem, Judith in Arnhem

  • This weekend, Loesje went to Leipzig for a Creative Writing Workshop in German. The summer vibes impregnated everyone with energy and creativity so we got good texts! Besides the workshop, Loesje also went sticking and now you can find many posters in Leipzig walls. 


    This workshop was done under the project Communi-action that involves active young people in Berlin, Germany and Koper, Slovenia. The aim of this project is to build two connected EU4YOUTH Points: one in Berlin and one in Koper.

    These two points in Europe will serve as education-information-creative spaces for youth who want to learn more about EU, youth in EU, NGOs, literature and human rights. They will also be creative and participatory points.

    The EU4YOUTH points will have three simultaneous functions: reading spot, creative-reflective spot and networking spot. Here Loesje creative text writing workshops, exhibitions and other activities will take place.

    The Leipzig workshop was done not only to have some good Loesje action in the city but also to promote the Communi-action project and spread the idea of the Eu4YOUTH points outside of Berlin.

  • Two projects just got approved for funding which means Loesje will be very busy the next months!

    One is "Initiative Rule - if you have a good idea you can't keep it to yourself", about the improvement of non-governamental organization's communication through social network media. 30 participants from 15 different countries will come to Berlin in June for ten intensive days of training.

    They will learn how to better use online tools like social networking websites, blogs, wikis, video sharing sites, hosted services, web application, mashups and folksonomies. By mastering these tools they will more succefully reach their goals in a world where Internet became an important part of activism.


    The other is a job shadowing project called "Loesje education method / if you like something you'll learn it as a matter of course".

    For two weeks in May, two members of Loesje Armenia will join the office of Loesje International. A learning programme will make sure that they improve a variety of skills like project management, networking, digital communication and fund raising. Loesje International will through this job shadowing strenghten Loesje Armenia in the strive for youth participation, inclusion of youth with fewer opportunities and through this enhance the feeling of European citzenship that young Armenians have started to feel after the fall of the iron curtain.


    Keep tuned for more news about these projects!

  • All you ever needed to know (or at least, a good start) about how to start up your own Loesje group, how to make creative text writing, final editing and lay out, you can find here. Read it online or print it out below.

  • The new fresh Loesje posters came out of the Spring! Find them in the Poster Archive in the March 2012 month. Read,enjoy, share them in the streets or through social media...

  • The German version of the Loesje Handbook is now available. Find out how to create your own Loesje group, how to make creative writing workshops, final editing and lay-out of posters.

    Read online or print it below.

    Die Loesje Handbuch ist jetzt auch in Deutsch. Es wird dir zeigen, wie du am Posterkollektiv teilnehmen und deine eigene aktive Gruppe starten kannst. Es erklärt auch, wie die Organisation arbeitet und was so bei Loesje passiert.

    Online lesen oder unten drucken.


  • After spending last two days together we have successfully finished our yearly meeting. For the first time we used Skype to get the updates from Loesje groups which couldn't send their representatives to Berlin. It was very inspiring to hear live about developement of new Loesjes and their Activities. We evaluated also the international series with the comment that it got improved comparing to the last one. On Sunday we had two text writing workshops and after lunch we did some poster spreading.