Loesje Handbook in Spanish and Italian!

¡Hola! Ahora puedes leer el Guía Loesje en español!

Ciao! Ora è possibile leggere la Guida Loesje in italiano!

The Loesje Handbook is now available in two more languages: italian and spanish! Check them out.

Call for Participants! - Study Session: “Gender equality through human rights education and youth leadership”

IGLYO, Loesje Armeina, ISCA, CID and Egyesek in cooperation with the Directorate of Youth and Sport of the Council of Europe


European Youth Center Budapest

21st-28th of July, 2012


The study session will gather 30 young individuals from all across Europe willing to discuss, experience and participate in activities addressing gender equality using the approach of human rights and non-formal education.

The main aim of this study session is to raise awareness of youth leaders about gender inequality and stereotypes in an intercultural context and build their competences to empower groups to address gender based discrimination.

April-May posters series available!

The new poster series for the April and May month are now available in the Poster Archive!

Feel free to print them and stick them around!

How free is the Nigerian press? An overview by Obinna

The World Press Freedom day, marked on the 3rd of May is a day regarded as a Christmas of a sort in media circles, a day that cannot be described as languid by any reasonable person for obvious reasons.

The major challenge to freedom of expression over the years has been known to be government interferance; censorship, makes me wonder what they are afraid of - talk of skeletons in the closet.

Press Freedom Party!

On the 5th of May, Loesje and her friends organized a huge party to celebrate the opening of the EU4YOUTH point at the Jugendklub Linse in Berlin, Germany.

World Sticking Day!

With the help of her friends, Loesje spread her posters all over the globe today for the World Sticking Day!

Here are some examples of cities that got a creative spree over their walls and other public places.

If you didn't stick yet, you still have some hours to go until the 3rd of May ends. Brush, check; posters, check; glue, check; Ready! Set! Go!

Posters have been spotted all over the world

Sun and creativity in Leipzig!

This weekend, Loesje went to Leipzig for a Creative Writing Workshop in German. The summer vibes impregnated everyone with energy and creativity so we got good texts! Besides the workshop, Loesje also went sticking and now you can find many posters in Leipzig walls. 

Busy times ahead!

Two projects just got approved for funding which means Loesje will be very busy the next months!

The Finnish handbook is HERE!

All you ever needed to know (or at least, a good start) about how to start up your own Loesje group, how to make creative text writing, final editing and lay out, you can find here. Read it online or print it out below.

March poster series available now!

The new fresh Loesje posters came out of the Spring! Find them in the Poster Archive in the March 2012 month. Read,enjoy, share them in the streets or through social media...