• All you ever needed to know (or at least, a good start) about how to start up your own Loesje group, how to make creative text writing, final editing and lay out, you can find here. Read it online or print it out below.

  • The new fresh Loesje posters came out of the Spring! Find them in the Poster Archive in the March 2012 month. Read,enjoy, share them in the streets or through social media...

  • The German version of the Loesje Handbook is now available. Find out how to create your own Loesje group, how to make creative writing workshops, final editing and lay-out of posters.

    Read online or print it below.

    Die Loesje Handbuch ist jetzt auch in Deutsch. Es wird dir zeigen, wie du am Posterkollektiv teilnehmen und deine eigene aktive Gruppe starten kannst. Es erklärt auch, wie die Organisation arbeitet und was so bei Loesje passiert.

    Online lesen oder unten drucken.


  • After spending last two days together we have successfully finished our yearly meeting. For the first time we used Skype to get the updates from Loesje groups which couldn't send their representatives to Berlin. It was very inspiring to hear live about developement of new Loesjes and their Activities. We evaluated also the international series with the comment that it got improved comparing to the last one. On Sunday we had two text writing workshops and after lunch we did some poster spreading.

  • The RECYCLED CREATIVITY FESTIVAL 2012 is looking for a multi talented and independent *fund raiser* to help realize this years' festival.

    The Recycled Creativity Festival will be organized for the 4th year, and there are already lots of plans and initiatives in the pipelines. To make the 2012 edition even more epic than the previous years we thought it might be good if one person is responsible, and has a fair bit of time on their hands, to raise funds - and through this will earn a percentage of the results.


    The festival has our 'throw away society' as its theme and will consist out of live stage, up-cycling  & other creative workshops, films, actions and much more. It will take place on the 15th of September @ Wagenburg Lohmühle, Berlin.

    It would be good if the fundraising for the Recycled Creativity Festival 2012  starts as soon as possibleso let us know if you are interested in the position of fundraiser, by sending  an email with your  motivation and prior experience and we will get back to you. 

    Only your creativity is the limit!

    The Recycled Creativity festival is supported by Loesje, Wagenburg Lohmühle, Kulturlabor Trial & Error and Elektrischer Walfisch.

  • Discover the new poster series on Loesje's poster archive now!

    You will also find the February series in Spanish and the posters from the Communi-action training.

    The February series of some local groups are also available in our Poster archive: find new posters from Belgium (in Flemish-Dutch), Germany(in German) and Poland (in Vietnamese).

  •  Loesje gave feedback on posters about Human Rights created by 4th year visual communication students at the CAAD College of Architecture, Art and Design - The American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Each series of posters illustrates one chosen article of the International Declaration of Human Rights. 

    Find all the posters preview here in Loesje's project folder!

    The students got feedback three times, once from the participants of the Study Session “Why not exchange prejudices for experiences” and then twice from Loesje's team. Using advice and constructive criticism, the students improved their posters into the final version that you can see on our website and on our Facebook page.  

    The posters can be used in Human Rights education worldwide. Contact us to obtain them in good printable quality.

    Website of the American University of Sharjah:

    We want to thanks the students for their good work and their abilities to improve it through time: Afra Bin Dhaher, Deema Al Mujadidi, Arwa Ramadan, Ghaya Bin Mesmar, Laila Kifayeh, Mansour Bakheet, Nour Abu Hayeh, Omar Mohamed, Rand Almaeeni, Tayma Bittard.

    Thanks to the Professor Shoaib Nabi Ahmad to have involved us.

  • Final Editing: English speaking group


    Sunday 19th of February, in the framework of the Communi-action project, a Loesje training was held in Berlin. Around fifteen people, interessed in learning how to give a Loesje workshop were present.

    The day was composed of a session to define what is a good workshop, a creative text-writing workshop in German and in English, a session to learn to present Loesje and two final editing sessions: one in German and one in English. 


    In this day, two series of Loesje posters were created one in German and one in English.

    For example:





    Check out the Poster Archive, the new posters are coming soon in English and in German! 

    Thank you to all participants!


    Final Editing: German speaking group

  • We are looking for two creative and motivated people to do European Voluntary Service (EVS) at the international Loesje office in Berlin for 12 months. EVS is a project of the European Commission and it means you can live for free in Berlin, do society-committed work and enjoy life, if you are under 31. Regulations you can read below.


    Who is Loesje?

    Loesje is an idealistic organisation which aims for a creative society based on own initiative and active citizenship. The objective is to exchange ideas and opinions, to stimulate people to create their own ideas. Loesje mainly uses posters with short but strong texts (one-liners), which shine a different light on particular subjects. Our main activity is to create such posters, together with our members, as well as with people from other organisations. The posters are spread on the Internet, around the streets, in community centres, schools etc. The aims of the organisation are to spread black and white posters to colour life and to create possibilities, in which participants of Loesje activities can start and support progressive social initiatives.

    The project

    The project will start on the 1st of September 2012 and will last until the 31st of August 2013. It will be a great experience! At our office you will be working together with Rola (SE), Artur (PL) and interns from different countries, as well as many other active people of Loesje. The accommodation is arranged and for free, we have a cosy EVS flat where you will live together with the other EVS volunteer. You get money for food and pocket money, insurance, a German language course and a bike. The atmosphere at the office is informal and there is a lot of space to come up with your own ideas. A mentor, as a personal guide, will be present during your EVS year, although we encourage self-initiative, because an active attitude is essential for the work we do.

    Project description / tasks

    The actual work you'll do greatly depends on your own interests. Own initiative is highly valued. An incomplete overview of the possibilities:

    ·         be in contact with and support new & old members

    ·         support and organise international projects

    ·         organise international youth meetings

    ·         give creative text writing workshops

    ·         help to develop and update the Loesje website, Facebook and other social media

    ·         co-organise the yearly Loesje Summer Camp

    ·         organise or create exhibitions, workshops or other activities in our project room: Loesje's Imagination

    ·         graphic design (lay-out of flyers, posters and Loesje products, as books)

    ·         you could be also involved in PR, networking, technical development or fund raising

    How to apply?

    First read the regulations and selection criteria. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us. One advice, in case you know the people at the international Loesje office, pretend you don’t know them. What you write is very important to us and not what you believe that we know of you. It’s better to write more than to give too less information.


    ·         You are not allowed to be German

    ·         You should be between 18 and 30 years old (not yet 31 by the start of the EVS project)

    ·         You should be able to speak English well (preferably more languages)

    Selection criteria

    ·         A strong motivation clearly describing what you want to do

    ·         CV and Creative Vitae (what are your creative skills?)

    ·         Able to work independently and to develop own ideas

    ·         Experience inside Loesje

    ·         Experience in organising projects

    ·         Computer skills

    ·         Willingness to live with another EVS-er

    ·         We should believe you will fit in our team

    ·         The following skills are not a requisite, but could be a plus: driving license, German knowledge, experience in lay-out, PR, fund raising, web design, hard ware and soft ware, book keeping or knowledge on topics that could be interesting to Loesje

    ·         We prefer a geographical and gender mixed team, though personal qualities weigh higher

    Deadline for applying:

    The deadline for applying is the 4th of March 2012.

    We will inform you as soon as possible, if you are selected or not.

    You can send your application to

  • In March the City of Amsterdam will organize a European congress on integration. They asked Loesje whether they could print some of her texts on cards. Of course Loesje wants her texts to be spread all over the world so she agreed. The cards will be spread during dinner taking place on 8 March, International Women's Day. Participants will be asked to send the card to an important woman in their lives.

    These are the texts selected. You can find them in the poster archive:

    - international women's day / I greet my sisters on the other side of the world 
    - who is the director of your gender role
    - diversity / why do we like it in our supermarkets but not in the streets
    - coming out of the closet / why put people in there in the first place
    - who has something to loose by equal parenting
    - professional / is that a male word
    - Europe / a thousand miles from here there is another person smiling
    - European integration / spread wealth and people