• Our Armenian Loejse member Hranush Shahnazaryan will represent Loesje at the Advisory Council on Youth of the Council of Europe the coming two years! We are very happy about this for the sake of Loesje as well as Hranush. The Advisory Council of Youth is made up of 30 representatives from youth NGOs and networks who provide opinions and input on all youth sector activities. It also ensures that young people are involved in other activities of the Council of Europe.


  • The January poster series is available in the Poster Archive. Print them and spread them around!

  • Dates: 28.07 - 08.08.2011

    Place: Tronle, Bertogne, Belgium
    Venue: Gîte Le Baty (

    Loesje’s Summercamp 2012 will happen in Belgium from the 28th of July until the 8th of August. Let’s all come together and discover a bit more about this country. Because yes, Belgium hold the world record of the longest period without an official government, but it is also the country of tremendous inventions (as roller skates), three official languages available (Dutch, French and German), delicious food (chocolate, biers and waffles) and, last but not least, European Union capital town.

    To mix your brains a bit, I will try to explain the multilangual issue of Belgium. We are going to Wallonia. It is the part of Belgium where a lot of French speakers live in (but not all of them) and also where the German speaking Belgians lives in ( this time all of them). This Wallonian region, where the Summercap is happening, is called Province du Luxembourg which apart from the name, the complexity of language and the geographical proximity, is not related to the neighbooring country. To finish with this, the gite is located in a French speaking area but still every Belgians is learning at school Flemish and French, speaking it might be something else. 

    The gîte Le Baty is located in a tiny village called Tronle, near Bertogne in South East Wallonia in a region known for it nice forests and woods. We will be 60 km away from France and Germany, 10 km away from Luxembourg and 80 km away from the Netherlands. Pretty central for such a tiny village!

    At the gîte, we will find some habitable rooms, a big cooking area, a bar, 10 cosy sleeping rooms, a big play field, a piano, showers, toilets, an indoor fireplace and special area to play pétanque. There will be place to build up tents and woods all around.

    The program will be similar to last year's. Loads of interesting workshops - School of Freedom - where everyone can teach and show whatever he/she/whatever can or wants to share and people can attend whatever workshop they feel like to. In the evenings we will have either various, entertaining programs or some of our legendary parties, or likewise both of them, or free time, secret meetings, secret parties, secret other stuff…

    We can suggest various ways for traveling to Belgium

    > Hitchhiking: Free the hippie inside of you, grab a flower and go for it. Loads of long-distance truckers on the road. (Beware of burglary though - make sure that while they are stealing your bag, you steal their truck!)

    > Bike: You should know that it won't be as easy as biking though Amsterdam or Berlin even though it would probably be more relax and beautiful. But anyway summercamps are for adventures and it will be easier than riding though the Alps!

     > Eurolines/Ecolines: Check yourself from where you'd like to depart, it's really doable. Big cities around are Liege (80km,Be), Maastricht (120km,Ne), Aachen (120km,Ge), Luxembourg (50km,Lu) or Metz (150km,Fr).

    > Train: The closest train station seems to be Libramont (24km from the gite), check the national railway company, the SNCB. For people under 26, you can buy the "Go pass" which is 50 euros for 10 rides anywhere in Belgium. When you go out of the country make sure you found a nice young Belgian that is willing to buy what is left from your ticket. 

    > Local bus: There is the possibility of asking for bus upon request in the province where we will be. Here you can find more info (in French). We will probably make a group reservation in order to get to and go from the gite.

    > Plane: The fastest and environmentally most polluting way. We will be equal distance from Brussels and Köln/Cologne about 150km.

    > Carsharing: Look on the web to find people offering seats in their cars on . There is possibility to search for “international” travels, from the Netherlands to Belgium for example :)

    > Car: You could put up a group to travel there by car.

    We are going to figure out how to get from the bigger cities around to the gite. We will either rent small buses or request one of the Tel-Bus.

    We really hope a lot of people can't resist the urge to come and we're looking forward to enjoying an unforgettable time with you guys! See you all in the summer! More information are following on this website, so keep tuned! Registration will be open around March 2012.

    All pictures ( except the map ) are authored by the team of Le Gite Le Baty. 

  • On Sturday, December 3, Warsaw welcomed the first Loesje's mural in Poland. The Polish version of the poster "The longer you wait for the future the shorter it will be" was (legally) painted on a wall in Warsaw's Praga Polnoc district, on 38 Stalowa St. As the size matters, the mural is about 4,5 meter wide and about 6 meter high.

    pic by Jarosław Żeliński

    pic by Jarosław Żeliński

    pic by Jarosław Żeliński

    Pictures by Jarosław Żeliński

  • We are looking for two creative and motivated people to do European Voluntary Service (EVS) at the Loesje office for 12 months. EVS is a project of the European Commission and it means you can live for free in Arnhem, do society-committed work and enjoy life, if you are under 30.

    The startdate is 1th of September 2018.

    You can apply till the 5th of March 2018. For all the right information and how to apply you can have a look here:


  • Op een koude winterdag maakte ik een wandeling door Brussel. Mijn oog viel op een jongen met een grote gele surfplank. Rare verschijning zo in de winter. Ik besloot hem te volgen, hij zou me zeker naar de zonnigste plekjes brengen. Op een gegeven moment raakte ik hem kwijt. Diverse andere routeplanners bepaalden daarna het traject van mijn wandeling: de zon aan de overkant van de straat, een meisje met cello, drie langzame Japanse dames, de zoektocht naar een café dat open is op zaterdagmiddag.stadssurfen meegaan met de flow en zien waar je aanspoelt

    Het leuke aan Brussel is dat je altijd gekke of bijzondere details tegenkomt. Bizarre winkeltjes of mensen. Zoals de artisanale papierdrukker die zijn informatie in het Engels, Frans en Japans aanbiedt, maar niet in het Nederlands. Een eetcafé 'Ballekes' genaamd waar ze 'Famous Belgian meatballs' aanbieden. Ik wist niet dat België bekend stond om gehaktballen, maar als je iets maar overtuigend genoeg brengt, gelooft iedereen het. Verder zag ik een 'Alimentation générale' gespecialiseerd in 'Turks-Griekse-Franse-Chinese-Japanse-Spaanse voedingsmiddelen', aldus het uithangbord. Dat vond ik zo grappig, die combinatie van zulke uiteenlopende landen. Maar ik geloof dat ik toch meer van de Turks-Griekse-Zweedse-Deense-Portugese-Vlaamse keuken ben. Mijn wandeling eindigde met een warme chocomelk bij café St Pierre. Daar maakte ik deze nieuwe poster. Ik kan het iedereen aanraden, een middagje stadssurfen.

  • Loesje International will  be taking part in MANIFEEST on Saturday 23rd September in Amsterdam. Details about this event you can find here.

    Every year our friends at PAX for Peace organise a National Peace week. This year it's held from the 16th till the 24th of September. 

    During this week Loesje International will give several lectures and workshops about War and Peace. Ending with the festival Manifeest!

    The festival starts at 16:00 and is an amalgamation of art, music, workshops and talks to celebrate the end of Peace Week.


  • You can find them all here.



    Pekarna.Tv  is a pilot project of the Cultural Association and Youth Center IndiJanez, the purpose of which is to present cultural events, local scene, society , everyday life and practices, cultural happenings and diversity - through the eyes of  young people. Multimedia portal consists of various programmes that cover topics such as: activism, social commentary, documentaries, short interviews, local events, concerts, youth scenes, social and behavioral characteristics of urban life etc. The aim of Pekarna.TV is to be an independent, alternative television that reports about young people, society, different problematics (marginalization, discrimination, youth unemployment, prejudices, corruption, ecological and environmental problems etc.) and cultural events in lines with freedom of communication and expression. There is also room for humour and irony. The spirit of Pekarna.TV is that of  pacifism, active citizenship, freedom, critical thinking, tolerance, co-existence , anti-capitalism and anti-consumption, well being of all species etc.

    Volunteers will work in production of contents for from conceptualization to filming and making the final product, namely videos for the online television. They can work in front of or behind camera. Volunteers will work for 6 months in the city of Maribor, Slovenia. The project starts on 1st September 2014.

    The project has been designed to be a part of the EVS program. The volunteers will gain knowledge and experience in the following areas:

    Film & TV production
    Computer design and desktop publishing
    Video editing
    Multimedia Design

    We are looking for creative, independent, open-minded individuals with a strong interest in working with camera and different people. Knowledge of English language is a must. We do however also understand German.

    Pekarna (meaning bakery in Slovenian language) is a complex of ex-army barracks squatted in 1994 and turned into a cultural center. It has an alternative status in the city and is a meeting point for different subcultures and various young people.  The organization  IndiJanez also runs a club (called MC) in Pekarna complex where concerts, exhibitions and cultural events are taking place regularly.

    You are not allowed to be Slovene or currently have Slovene residency
    You should be between 19 and 30 years old
    You should be a citizen of the European Union, EEA or CH
    You should have a permanent residence in Germany

    Application details
    Deadine for applying 5th August
    Please send your CV and a motivational letter to:

    Skype: IndiJanez_
    Phone: +386 0 40 337 099
    Pekarna.Tv website:
    web page of the Youth Center:

    Practical arrangements
    Accommodation is arranged and for free, you will be staying either in a cosy EVS flat where you will live together with the other EVS volunteer(s) or alone in a hostel-like room with your own kitchen and bathroom. You will get money for food and pocket money, insurance, a Slovene language course and a bike if desired. A mentor, as a personal guide will be present during your EVS period, although we encourage self-initiative, because an active attitude is essential for the work we do.