• The Study Session "Why Not Change Prejudices Into Experiences" in Budapest has come to an emotional end but the spirit survives on the poster series created together by all the participants.

    Check them out at the Poster Archive and feel free to download or print them.


    Richard Schut shares with Loesje Int the nice news: 

    This weekend, about 350 filmmakers in Berlin will make a short movie within 48 hours, based on a random genre, a character, a prop and a line of dialogue. This year the 'line of dialogue' comes from .... a Loesje poster!

    Filmmakers will hear Friday 19.00 from which poster. Wanna see their movies? All movies are screened Tuesday 15th November in Babylon Kino, Berlin, starting at 19:00. Info & tickets at

    Das 48 Hour Film Project: Berlin
    The 48 Hour Film Project invites filmmakers from around the world to produce a complete short movie in just two days. 

  • ”Women in power is not a dream but an action plan” was one of the Loesje texts created on the Training of Trainers ”ABCs of Equal Opportunities” in the city of Evpatoria, Ukraine. This training was attended by 23 people from Southern and Eastern regions of the country and, of course, by Loesje.


    The first day was dedicated to the introduction to the topic of the project – unequal representation of women in power, gender misbalances and discrimination in Ukraine.

    During the second day of the training, the participants did creative text writing workshops. Out of this massive creative thinking they got 27 texts on the topic ”Women and Power”. Texts like “Politics is an area for equal opportunities” will become the mottos for their future work.


    Afterwards they covered Evpatoria’s walls with the posters they made. Many people got interested by the texts so they got a chance to discuss the topic on the streets.


    Loesje once again fell in love with Ukraine and it seems it is reciprocal! More than 20 Loesje groups were created and in the last two months many posters were glued on the walls of cities all around the East-Southern part of the country. And it seems that more is yet to come…

  • The days are shorter and the yellow leaves cover every inch of the Berlin streets. What could be better to come to cosy Loesje's Imagination and drink a warm cup of tea while making your brain as hot as a Summer Day during a Creative Text Writing Workshop?

    Tuesday 8.11 at 18h00 in Loesje's Imagination:

    Karl-Kunger-Strasse 55

    12435 Berlin



  • The days are shorter and the yellow leaves cover every inch of the Berlin streets. What could be better to come to cosy Loesje's Imagination and drink a warm cup of tea while making your brain as hot as a Summer Day during a Creative Text Writing Workshop?


  • To all the French-speaking, French-understanding people and to everybody else,

    Our Poster Archive is now updated with French posters from years 2000, 2001 and 2006. Find these new inspiring texts from France and Belgium by selecting 'French' in the language section. Take some time to read them and spread the ones you like...


    À tous les francophones, francophiles et à tous les autres,

    Notre Archive de Posters est maintenant mise à jour avec des affiches en français datant de 2000, 2001 et 2006. Trouvez ces nouveaux textes plein de poésie et de nouvelles inspirations en sélectionnant "French" dans la section "Language". Prenez du temps pour lire ces textes écrits en France et en Belgique et diffuser ceux que vous aimez...

  • The new October poster series was now translated to Spanish. Check our Poster Archive and download or print them.


    La nueva serie del mes de octubre ha sido traducido al español. Puedes verlos y imprimirlos en nuestro archivo de carteles.


  • Last Wednesday, Loesje’s Berlin office was invited as representing a European Volunteer Service receiving organization by the Jugend in Aktion at a day aimed to promote volunteering.

    The day was arranged by the German ministry for family affairs. Safaa, Artur and Rola were there to tell about a volunteer’s role at the Berlin office. We gave two speed writing workshops and recommend EVS to some interested people.

    We also had the opportunity to meet the people that work at Jugend in Aktion who are behind many approved Loesje project applications, and had a nice chat with them.

  • Fresh from Loesje's International oven, the October Series of 2011! Check the new posters in our Poster Archive and feel free to print them.

  • From the 19th to the 24th of September 2011, creativity, sun, music, waste materials and much more met for the 3rd edition of the Recycled Creativity festival : Loesje was there, what about you ?

    Festival Area Wagenburg Lohmuhle

    For a week, Berlin had welcomed a series of workshops and events including a Recycling Cinema in bar Manyo, a Community Day at Open Design City, the Great Recycling Day at Wagenburg Lohmühle and the After Party at S.K. Robinson.

    Loesje stand

    The guests at Manyo Bar enjoyed a recycled short film selection, artistic documentary films and a VJ-DJ performance by Alfred Hackepeter. The Community Day was the occasion to launch “Upcycle it! A toolkit for creative recycling” - the new book of Kulturlabor Trial&Error and to share a collective dumpster-dived dinner.

    The stage in Wagenburg Lohmuhle

    Finally, on a sunny Saturday, people met to participate in a bunch of creative workshops while listening to delightful concerts. Big Stu, Miranda de Verdier, Clayton Thomas, Stonesdrifters Sound Brigade, Laura Bean, Osla the hermit and the pancake, Joe Czarnecki, DJ Stephie Strumpet and Bobby Starrr shared with us their eclectic sounds.  Create colorful gogo trash wigs, practice yoga, build birdhouses out of old election posters, swap clothes, get information at Loesje’s stand and participate in a Loesje speed text writing workshop were some of the numerous activities happening that day. The creative atmosphere brought us nice new text proposals like:



    Loesje Creative Speed Writing Workshop

    To end the festival together, an After Party was organized at the club S.K. Robinson. While taking a break from dancing to the music of Trike and the DJs Bobby Starrr, Peter Power and Maurez, we enjoyed the ‘Loesje Room’ designed especially for the party!

    After Party in SK Robinson

    In short, this festival succeeded to mix creativity, trash, music, workshops, people, recycling and happiness!

    We would like to thanks all the volunteers who came from all over Europe and Germany to help at the festival and the musicians and DJ’s for their great performances!

    Keep posted for the launching of the Recycled Creativity movie and the exhibition this November and for the details of next year festival :

    Fanzine Workshop recycled Loesje