• After time time of work spent on the Polish translation in Warsaw and on lay-out by our Polish intern in the international office - Jagoda - we are publishing today the first localized version of Loesje Handbook.

    Soon to come in Hebrew, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Slovene.

  • Last month, there was a text writing workshop done in Malmö Sweden. "Watch it" works to stimulate creative and political activity amongst youth in Malmö and Lund, Sweden. The results were published on their web site

  •  In an online magazine in Napoli, some Loesje posters were published:

  • In each month Loesje International collects the lates news, articles and updates as a review of our actions.

    In this review you can read about Loesje's activities in May and take a look at the newest poster series:





    check the newest ranking on the Press Freedom Index



    EVS applications closed on 1st of May for year 2011/2012



      new Loesje actions in Slovenia



    montage from the Memefest exhibition in Berlin



     adventures of paper boats and water lilies in the Netherlands



    Oliver's experiences at Loesje International


    festival information about Oddstream


    Please let us know about your adventures, pictures or movies and share them with Loesje through our website.

  • If you are planning your summer holiday, don't forget about the Loesje Summer Camp in Estonia from 22nd July til 02nd August 2011.


    A lot of people registered already from the Netherlands, Sweden, UK, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Germany: Miranda, Clara, Artur, Meindert, Esther, Pascal, Lotte, Anara, Susanne, Kristin, Ganna, Oleg, Luder, Kateryna and Jonathan.

    Don't hesitate anymore, Loesje is a guarantee for fun!

    Please fill out the registration form and plan your journey to the marvelous Estonia.

    Looking forward to have an inspiring camp with you!

    Loesje and her international crew

  • A short video explaining the process of creating Loesje posters.


    As you know, Loesje has a container full of cool activities for the visitors of the Oddstream festival in Nijmegen, Netherlands. Every now and then during the day we are giving you the latest in what people have expressed on the wall right here. Follow us!

  • Getting to know the girl that represents creativity filled with optimism and includes critique that encourages people to (re)think what is inspiring.

    Becoming familiar with Loesje and her writing methods became an important discovery for Pina, an association for Culture and Education from Slovenia, that enriched organizational activities and strengthen the belief in power of collective work through creative, cultural methodology.

    #1 Get to know Loesje

    We went to Berlin, read all Loesje publications, got to know the website of Loesje International, searched the poster archive for Slovenian posters and were meeting with former representatives.

    #2 Workshop in Gymnasium Koper

    In February we were invited to a gymnasium to participate in the Cultural day. Loesje creative text writing workshop was one of twenty workshops among which pupils from 15 to 16 years old could choose from.

    The Loesje workshop was prepared for 22 pupils and lead by Vid, the president of PiNA and Kaja, the project leader at Pina.

    It was the first time Loesje methods were put into practice and the results are encouraging. For PiNA it became clear that creative writing methods are going to join other organizational methods.

    #3 Editing

    Tamara Sokolovič was introduced to PiNA as editor and she played an important role in explaining the final editing of the text proposals. The final editing was a learning process for us and we are looking forward to gain new knowledge and experiences in this field.

    #4 International Loesje creative text writing workshop

    In April we organized the youth exchange 'Minute of inclusion', a Loesje workshop was also part of it that served as an introduction to the topic and enabled participants to (self)reflect important social issues. The result of it was an exhibition of the created poems and posters.

    #5 The future

    We may never truly know what the future will bring. But we will do our best and try to keep Loesje messages meaningful and visible.

    / Kaja Cunk

    Centro Multimediale e Giovanile //
    Multimedia and Youth Center PiNA


  • An article by Kulturlabor Trial&Error.

    From 6th-12th of May Trial&Error together with Loesje International Hosted the international Memefest exhibition at N.K, Neukölln, Berlin

    Exhibiting the following pieces;

    • Selected works of the 2010-2011 competition with the theme “Love:Conflict:Imagination”
    • Best of 2002-2008 works, with several themes
    • Posters from all the years competitions

    During the vernissage and finissage we gave a personal interpretation on the Memefest theme through guerilla knitting by Semi Ramis, Litekultur with his interactive Loveboard and radical sounds.

    Highlight during the finissage was an off line demo and informative talk by Christian Zöllner from VR Urban, co-creator of the SMS slingshot –a catapult looking gadget that can shoot light messages.


    Memefest is an international festival of radical communication that nurtures and rewards innovative and socially responsive communication which exceeds market-orientated communication and works toward social social responsibility. Memefest is also an international network of people with different profiles - experts, activists, researchers, theoreticians and artists - who are interested in social change with a sophisticated use of media and communications. The effects of multi-annual networking at the global level are today seen through the work of independent centers with bases in Colombia, Brazil and Serbia.

    Established in Slovenia where also the main center is. In nine years the festival has become the world’s largest socially responsible communication festival, which directly contributes to critical writing and critical visual expression.


    SMS slingshot

    Lite Kultur

    Mesh Up Monday



  • Dear friends of Loesje, we are currently looking for the following:
    1. a driver (minimum 2 years driving experience, European driving licence) who would like to be one of the drivers of a van leaving Berlin on Saturday morning, 28th of May, to Nijmegen, the Netherlands (or jump off somewhere on the way, like Hannover, Osnabrück, Bad Bentheim). Loesje is going to the Oddstream festival and are one driver short. If you would like to drive there FOR FREE, mail We are going back on the 7th of June, so it's optional to also want to drive along then.
    2. an experienced graphical designer, who wants to be part of the media team at the Oddstream festival, 29th of May-7th of June. Read more here: But apply to asap if you are interested!
    3. volunteers for Loesje's open part at the Oddstream festival. If you would like to help out at Loesje's part of the participation area at the Oddstream festival, contact The volunteers will get free entry to the festival, food and a place at the camping area. This team is going to the festival on the 31st of May with Quer durch das Deutschland ticket (10-22 Euro's per person), and back on the 7th.
    If you want to join the festival as a visitor, but would like to travel there together with the Loesje crew, mail Safaa as well.