Dates: 22.07 - 02.08.2011

    Place: Keava, Estonia

    Venue: Tarsi Talu 

    Loesje's summercamp is going to take place in marvelous Estonia this year, from the 22nd of July until the 2nd of August. Estonia is famous for it's gorgeous landscapes, like endless swamps and woods, their foregoing technology (invention of skype) and their impossible language (14 bloody cases). The camp is located in the small village called Keava, which lies about 60 km away from Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.

    At the campsite, there are 5 buildings, including facilities like a cooking area, two and a half big sleeping rooms, several habitable rooms, a sauna, shower, toilets, a stage, a bar - loads of cool stuff - and most of it self-built by the hosts.

    The spacious outside area is usable in many different ways and you can find a lot of places to do workshops or hang around or to do whatever you want to. There are awesome hammocks all over the place, swings, trampolines, a lake, empty grass spaces, a sports area, a tipi, campfire places, and the camp is surrounded by a beautiful forest (which can also be used for people who'd prefer to sleep in their own tents) and impressive swamps. 

    Furthermore, we're going to have our very personal cook who will prepare our vegetarian or vegan food, however we want, and as a matter of course we'll be very glad to be allowed to be helpful with some peeling or chopping.

    The program will be similar to last year's. Loads of interesting workshops - School of Freedom - where everyone can teach and show whatever he/she/whatever can or wants to share and people can attend whatever workshop they feel like to. There's also an excursion planned and we definitely have to go discover some impressive sights of nature. In the evenings we will have either various, entertaining programs or some of our legendaryparties, or likewise both of them, or free time, secret meetings, secret parties, secret other stuff, whatever ;)

    The costs
    for the whole camp are EUR 160,- per person. Traveling costs have to be paid by everyone themselves. To pay for the Summer Camp, you can do so by transferring money to our account with the ING Bank: 

    Stichting Loesje International
    IBAN: NL74INGB0009562112

    Write "Summer camp fee" as your message.

    For Loesje's with Dutch bank accounts it's 9562112.

    You can also transfer money via PayPal.


    We can suggest

    various ways for

    traveling to Estonia

    > Hitchhiking: Free the hippie inside of you, grab a flower and go for it. Loads of long-distance truckers on the road. (Beware of burglary though - make sure that while they are stealing your bag, you steal their truck!)

    > Bike: Go get your two-wheeled buddy and gather in Stockholm with some of our Loesje-friends who will travel to the campsite by bike and boat.

    > Eurolines/Ecolines: Check yourself from where you'd like to depart, it's really doable if you're easy with long bus rides.

    > Train to Riga and then take a bus: There is currently no railway
    between Estonia and Latvia. Don't ask.

    > Plane: The fastest and environmentally most polluting way. Ryanair is cheap, check their site from time to time to find the most affordable one. Otherwise you might look into EasyJet or other airlines.

    > There are also some boats from Germany (Rostock) or Denmark to Finland (Helsinki) going, where you can change for a boat to Tallinn. Check it out.

    > Car: You could put up a group to travel there by car.

    You can look for the timetable for the trains from Tallinn to Keava yourself on and then you should find your way on the left side. Note that the current schedule is only valid until the end of May, so you should check the actual times in June or later.

    For transport from the point of arrival in Keava to the camp we still have to figure things out. Maybe it's walkable, otherwise we're able to rent a little van from the campsite to pick up groups of people and luggage.

    We really hope a lot of people can't resist the urge to come and we're looking forward to enjoying an unforgettable time with you guys!

    Fill out the registration form

  • Here you can watch a short movie about Loesje's text writing workshop. You can follow all the steps how Loesje texts are created.


    We will keep you informed when we have the next workshop!

  • Friends,

    as you can read from the results of the board meeting concerning Loesje International's web presence, we have decided to share news and updates in a form different from the Bulletin. One reason is to make the web site more interactive. We also believe it is better to focus on each article like this, rather than focus on one entity, which was the Bulletin. As the texts will be shared on Facebook too, they will reach a bigger crowd. Read more here:

    Have you been logged into as a member before? If not, here is the procedure:

    Go to the website and place the mouse over the picture of the key that you can find to the left in the menu above. There you log in with the following
    username: member
    password: IntMem#?

    Now you are free to upload stuff! Under this key you find lots of functions. This is where you go everytime you want to do something on the site. For specifically uploading texts that you usually send to us for the bulletin, you go to Add content, and then News. From here it should be easy. Write the title of your text, add the text in the text box and please add pictures if you have any. You can preview your creation, and then just click “Save“ when you are done. Et voila! You have uploaded the article yourself =)

    So please, if you have any texts around the subjects that Loesje deals with, or actions directly related to Loesje, please feel free to upload them yourself! However, if you get stuck with technical problems, please send the text to and she will do it for you.

    Greetings to news times and positive changes,

    Loesje International

  • Here you can watch the next short summary about the board meeting and assembly of Loesje International:

    Keep on rocking \m/

  • Volgens jaarlijkse gewoonte ontmoeten de Loesje leden elkaar in het paasweekend voor een bruisende ledenweek. Van 21 tot 25 april verzamelen zowel Nederlandse, als Belgische enthousiastelingen in Mont (Comblain-au-pont, Luik) en jij bent ook van harte uitgenodigd. Het maakt niet uit of je Loesje-ervaring hebt of niet. Iedereen is welkom om de sfeer op te snuiven en Loesje persoonlijk te leren kennen.

    Tijdens de ledenweek gaan we met z’n allen gezellig samen zijn en inspirerende Loesje-activiteiten doen. Natuurlijk gaan we teksten schrijven, maar ook ons kwast-en-lijm-enthousiasme wordt geprikkeld om te plakken. Daarnaast zullen er ook workshops gegeven worden. Ook voor discussie en andere toffe dingen zal er zeker ruimte zijn! Heb je zin om zelf een workshop te geven, dan hoor ik het graag. Op zondag is er ook de Nederlandse ledenvergadering, maar als we met voldoende Belgen zijn, kunnen we ook een geheime Belgische ledenvergadering starten. :-)

    Dit leuk gebeuren vindt plaats op een toffe locatie, met voetbalplein, open haard, stapelbedden én plaats voor je eigen tentje op te zetten. Meer informatie hierover vind je op


    Wat? Ledenweek

    Wanneer? 21 tot 25 april 2011

    Waar? Mont 64 B, Comblain-au-pont

    Geef je op of vraag meer info via:


  • We are looking for two creative and motivated people to do European Voluntary Service (EVS) at the international Loesje office in Berlin for 12 months. EVS is a project of the European Commission and it means you can live for free in Berlin, do society-committed work and enjoy life, if you are under 30. Regulations you can read below.

    Who is Loesje?

    Loesje is an idealistic organisation which aims for a creative society based on own initiative and active citizenship. The objective is to exchange ideas and opinions, to stimulate people to create their own ideas. Loesje mainly uses posters with short but strong texts (one-liners), which shine a different light on particular subjects. Our main activity is to create such posters, together with our members, as well as with people from other organisations. The posters are spread on the internet, around the streets, in community centres, schools etc. The aims of the organisation are to spread black and white posters to colour life and to create possibilities, in which participants of Loesje activities can constantly start and support progressive social initiatives.

    The project

    The project will start on the 1st of September 2011 and will last until the 31st of August 2012. It will be a great experience! At our office you will be working together with Rola (SE), Artur (PL) and interns from different countries, as well as many other active people of Loesje. Accommodation is arranged and for free, we have a cosy EVS flat where you will live together with the other EVS volunteer. You get money for food and pocket money, insurance, a German language course and a bike. The atmosphere at the office is informal and there is a lot of space to come up with your own ideas. A mentor, as a personal guide will be present during your EVS year, although we encourage self-initiative, because an active attitude is essential for the work we do.

    Project description / tasks

    The actual work you'll do greatly depends on your own interests. Own initiative is highly valued. An incomplete overview of the possibilities:

    • be in contact with and support new & old members

    • support and organise international projects

    • organise international exchanges

    • give creative text writing workshops in different countries

    • help to develop and update the Loesje website

    • organise summer camp

    • organise or create exhibitions, workshops or other activities in our project room, Loesje's Imagination

    • graphic design (lay-out flyers, posters and Loesje products, as books)

    • you could be also involved in layout, PR, networking, technical development or fund raising

    How to apply?

    First read the regulations and selection criteria. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us. One advice, in case you know the people at the international office of Loesje, pretend you don’t know them. What you write is very important to us and not what you believe that we know of you. It’s better to write more than to give too less information.


    • You are not allowed to be German

    • You should be between 18 and 30 years old

    • You should be a citizen of the European Union, EEA or CH

    • You should be able to speak English well (preferably more languages)

    Selection criteria

    • A strong motivation clearly describing what you want to do

    • CV and Creative Vitae (what are your creative skills?)

    • Able to work independently and to develop own ideas

    • Experience inside Loesje

    • Experience in organising projects

    • Computer skills

    • Willing to live with another EVS-er

    • We should believe you will fit in our team

    • The following skills are not a requisite, but could be a plus: driving license, German knowledge, experience in lay-out, PR, fund raising, web design, hard ware and soft ware, book keeping or knowledge on topics that could be interesting to Loesje

    • Priorities go to people from regions, where new Loesje activities have started lately and we prefer a geographical and gender mixed team, though personal qualities weigh higher

    Deadline for applying:

    The deadline for applying is the 01st May 2011.

    We will inform you as soon as possible, if you are selected or not.

    You can send your application to

  • Missed the board meeting and assembly? Interested in the discussed topics? Do you want to know more about our plans? Would you like to share also your ideas about Loesje's future?

    We're happy to inform you that we are going to publish short summaries about the meeting, so you will have the chance to take part in it virtually and share your comments with us.


    On a sunny Saturday morning, on the second day of the assembly twenty friends of Loesje gathered together in the international office in Berlin to share their ideas about the improvement of Loesje International's web presence.

    The presentation was held by Artur and Petra, who started with the evaluation of Loesje International's web activities. They analysed the growth of the organisation on social media (facebook, twitter) and evaluated the activities of the website (online voting list, online bulletin).

    In 2010 there were 52.345 visits on Our facebook page was set up in September 2010 and since then has received 2188 lifetime "likes", 1695 of them are monthly active users. We observe a stable and constant growth of ca. 7% per week. In October 2010 we started our twitter profile and acquired 1647 followers since then. We are listed 30 times.

    The main part of the presentation was about new ideas and plans in order to improve the web presence of Loesje International. The basic idea is to make our website more interactive. We discussed our goals and opportunities about the interactive website and here are some of our plans:

    Goal: an interactive and playful website with more content.

    • New content on the website:

      • for example: a map highlighting the active Loesje countries with a short description and photos, contacts of the Loesje International office, introduction of Loesje on the front page etc.

      • getting rid of old and unused content and functionality.

    • New form of the online Bulletin - kind of as a “blog” on the website:

      • constantly publishing articles and summaries from the international network of Loesje on the website as news,

      • bulletin as a platform to interact and discuss,

      • Loesje International office updates monthly as an article,

      • monthly review of the news, articles and updates,

      • promotion of the new content on facebook and via our newsletter.

    • More photos and videos about our activities:

      • starting with a video about the assembly,

      • short films about text writing workshop, final editing, poster sticking etc.

      • video clip out of photos of Loesje posters from all around the world.

    The assembly is planning to have an evaluation of the the new website content in the summer camp of Loesje in Estonia (22nd July - 02nd August 2011).

    To be able to improve our website, we also need you, your ideas, comments, photos or articles on any topics what you think would be interesting for Loesje and her friends.

    Thanks for keeping Loesje's international network active!


  • Wist je dat het mogelijk is om een jaartje voor Loesje te werken in Nederland?

    Dat je huisvesting en eten dan gesubsidieerd wordt door de Europese Commissie?

    Dit kan door het subsidieprogramma European Voluntary Service (EVS).
    Als je EVS bij Loesje in Nederland doet, krijg je ook extra de mogelijkheid om te werken aan Loesje in België. En tegelijk krijg je de ruimte om wilde dromen te ontwikkelen die je meteen in de praktijk kan brengen...

    Al jaren werken er gemiddeld twee buitenlandse vrijwilligers via EVS voor het Loesje-kantoortje in Arnhem (NL). Het liefst bieden we plek aan iemand die de Nederlandse taal machtig is, zodat het samenwerken en samen schrijven makkelijker gaat. Er zit echter één regeltje aan: alleen mensen tot 30 jaar komen in aanmerking voor EVS. Je hoeft zelf de subsidie niet aan te vragen, dit doet Loesje voor je.
    Even op een rijtje:

    • Je werkt 4 dagen in de week aan Loesje.
    • Je wilt dit voor een jaar doen, van september 2011 t/m augustus 2012.
    • Woonruimte en verzekering is gratis en wordt voor je geregeld, en je krijgt ook zakgeld voor zaken als eten en kleding.
    • Je werkt in een team van zo’n 8 mensen aan Loesje in Nederland en België. - Taken in overleg, maar te denken valt aan tekstschrijven, posters plakken, producten maken, informatie materiaal maken, film- en discussieavonden en andere activiteiten organiseren, acties, schrijfworkshops geven en meedoen aan creatieve (internationale) projecten.

    Voor informatie over wat EVS nou is, kijk eens op en klik op EVS. (Dit is eigenlijk een site voor Nederlandse jongeren die naar het buitenland willen, maar wel goed voor de indruk van wat EVS is).

    Nieuwsgierig geworden?
    Mail of bel dan: of 0031-(0)26-4437724

    Geef je interesse uiterlijk door op 21 april.

  • All you ever needed to know (or at least, a good start) about how to start up your own Loesje group, how to make creative text writing, final editing and lay out, you can find here. Read it online or print it out below.

    If you want to translate the handbook into your language, just email us and she will give you more information! The handbook will soon be available in Polish, Spanish and Hebrew. Volunteers for translations into other languages very welcome!

  • The idea of the international training is to train 24 already experienced participants in arts, media and communication, using workshops to create a common understanding of the festival concepts and create the group work atmosphere, and practical »field work«, with an accent on peer to peer education and communication work. The training and its participants will at the same time be the media team of the Oddstream festival, creating synergies with it, and report from it, partly in collaboration with local media. Deadline for applying is 4th of April. 

    >>> ! please fill out the form ! <<<

    About the Oddstream Festival

    The Oddstream festival entails 4 music stages, exhibitions, an ‘inspiration day for art and communication’ with lectures, live art, an open participation area with interactive activities, workshops, and Club Oddstream with a night program by DJs and artists. It aims at 10.000 visitors during 4 days. (More information at

    Where and When
    Nijmegen, the Netherlands / 29th of May - 7th of June 2011

    The project is looking for
    24 participants (no age limit) who has already experience in written media and/or video. Participants must be residents of an EU country and can travel from all EU countries.

    For the written media we are searching for these kinds of  participants:
    - Writers - Interviewers - Coordination / editing - Photographer - Layout / design - Proof reader (skill)
    For the video we are searching for these kinds of  participants:
    - Interviewers (journalists, speakers) - cameramen - editing - editor/ coordination - streaming / mixing

    - travel cost reimbursement 70% (maximum total travel cost is Euro varies from country to country). For some participants there might be transport arranged (depending on country.)
    - free accommodation (breakfast, lunch, and dinner included)
    - free entry to the festival
    People will be hosted either at a hotel in nearby Nijmegen, or in huts with proper beds at the festival camping.
    The reimbursement of travel costs will be done via bank transfer. 

    Trainers Team
    Luca Cataldo (Inca Italia - Inca Network)
    Carola Ståhl (Loesje International)
    Editor in chief, Written media: Ruuta Vimba (Mašta)
    Editor in chief, Video: Rafael Ugarteche (VISIBLE - Inca Network) 

    Partners in the training are Inca Italia (IT), Pink Sweater (NL), PINA (SI), Loesje International (DE/INT) and Mašta (DE/INT).

    The project is funded by Youth in Action Programme of the European Commission.