Are human rights depending on human wrongs


Are Human Rights depending on Human Wrongs

International Youth Exchange Sweden Germany
11th April 2015 Berlin + 7th-13th June 2015 in Göteborg

In the project, ”Are human rights dependent on human wrongs”, twenty-two young participants were asked for their opinion on the topic and to express their thoughts and emotions through creative artworks. These artworks would focus on three articles from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (articles 3, 13 and 27). Whilst some chose to focus their artworks on all three articles, others chose to concentrate their projects on one particular article. With a team of participants from Egypt, Italy, Germany, Sweden and the UK, they would meet in Berlin to gather inspiration for their creative artworks before creating their work for an exhibition in Gothenburg on June 12th 2015. When the participants visited Gothenburg, they were under intense pressure and a short time period to put their ideas into artwork. After visiting areas including the Världskulturmuseet (Museum of World Culture) and meeting with various guest speakers, the participants had gathered enough inspiration for their projects. After several long days (and nights), the projects were completed and the result was seventeen artworks which included photos, videos, paintings and interactive pieces of art. After receiving high praise from the audience, the exhibition will go on tour around various parts of the world. If you would like to see it in a place near you, contact!


The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The project is funded by Erasmus+, the Swedish Embassy in Berlin and the Västra Götaland Region.