Conquering the world with creativity and posters… that's one of the things keeping me and a large group of friends busy. Together we form a writer's collective, a NGO, a poster activist group, an international organisation, a creative network, a contagious idea - many titles, call it what you want. I'm Loesje, and I've given my name to this growing group of world constructors and dreamers, people who are helping me to conquer the world.

Why keep your right to remain silent, when you have the freedom of speech?
Everyone has opinions, somewhere, and I want to listen. I want to hear what you think, to push you into creating an opinion and to make it heard. To inspire discussions - at the bus stop where I stuck a poster yesterday and you have to wait five minutes longer in the rain today. React, in your way, to what you hear, observe and like or dislike around you.

Writing texts together is another way to communicate opinions and exchange ideas. That's a reason why I'm also visiting other groups and giving workshops in creative text writing.

I have friends all over the world that write and spread my posters together with me. Local groups write and spread texts that say something to them and the country, region or city they live in. Many texts are translated into all the languages my friends speak or write.

Examples of what my friends and I do:

  • Write texts and spread them on posters
  • Publishing a monthly international poster series
  • Workshops creative textwriting
  • Sending an international newsletter
  • International exchanges

What you can do

  • Become a supporter and receive the monthly newsletter
  • Print posters and spread them around good public spots
  • Email me to find out if some of my friends are active in your neighbourhood and join them
  • Give workshops creative text writing
  • Take part in international youth exchanges
  • Write articles for the international newsletter