Privacy Statement

Loesje cares about your privacy 

Loesje International, situated in the Jacobiberg, Utrechtseweg 310 in Arnhem, is responsible for the processing of personal data of her foundation. She will only process personal data that is necessary for a correct handling of questions, remarks or suggestions. She will store this data as long as necessary, in which by all means she will comply with the minimum and maximum storage period the law prescribes. Personal data will be used only for the purposes the information was gained for.


Loesje doesn't use cookies and will not trace your visit to her website. She does use technological means to analyze the traffic visiting her website and to keep her website working during your visit. She can share this information about the traffic on her website with other analytic online tools, but the data will be made anonymous.


If you sign up for the newsletter you will receive an email in which you have to confirm your registration. Your name and email address will only be used for the purpose of sending the newsletter. You can remove yourself from the list by clicking the link at the bottom of the email, or by sending an email to Loesje international, at any time.


When you order a product in Loesje's webshop, she asks for your name, address and email address, so that she can send the product to you and send you a confirmation. If you create an account with the webshop your data will be kept until you cancel the account or have it cancelled by Loesje.


Loesje can ask for your name and emailaddress (like when you sign up for the newsletter) but she doesn't ask for any other data, except when you would like to receive a creative writing workshop. She will ask the address of your organisation and the location of the workshop (in case this is not the same). The data will be registered digital and on paper in a safe and secured location. She will process your data according to the accounting principles of agreement and permission. As you have given Loesje international your permission to process your personal data, you can also retract your permission. You can contact for this purpose.

Your Rights

You, as a person involved, have rights that apply to Loesje international. Those rights are prescribed in the DGPR and are called ‘right of access by the data subject’, ‘right to rectification’ and ‘right to erasure’.

The right of access by the data subject (art. 15) provides you the right to ask Loesje international about which of your personal data she is processing and storing, and how long she will store this data.

The right to rectification (art. 16) provides you the right to instruct Loesje international to change or complete incorrect personal data.

The right to erasure (art 17) provides you the right to instruct Loesje international to erase all your personal data out of all of her systems, as long as there is no minimum storage period prescribed by the law or if this period has already exceeded.

In case you want to claim your rights, you can contact If you think Loesje international is violating your rights, or if you think she is not handling your rights in a correct way, you have the option to report this to the European Data Protection Board.

Questions or claiming your rights

If you have questions about Loesje international’s privacy statement or other relevant topics about your privacy, or if you want to claim your rights as they are prescribed by the GDPR, you can contact Loesje international by mailing to