Freedom of speech?

Loesje wants to reach out to people, and everyone can see and be inspired by our posters without having to pay an entrance fee or buying a specific magazine. The Loesje groups make practical use of their freedom of speech by writing and spreading their texts on posters.

Freedom of opinion and expression are basic human rights, included in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In the last years, Loesje has conducted many successful international projects about Human Rights, see the Projects section for more information. In some countries where Loesje is present, freedom of speech is part of the constitution and commonly practiced. In others, censorship is wide spread and the possibilities for a normal citizen to spread opinions without persecution are few.

Even countries where freedom of speech is taken for granted, have local laws on how and where you can express yourself: for instance where you are allowed to spread posters. Anyone who spreads a Loesje poster is responsible for their own actions; Loesje gives no assignments to spread our posters.

Being legally allowed to say what you think is not the same as having the opportunity to make yourself heard. Wherever Loesje is present, she tries to inspire others by practical examples of freedom of opinion and expression. Loesje posters are easily accessible here on the Internet, and black and white and they are easy to print. In many places Loesje also tries to take a stand for public space as a place for the citizens, and not a space where only commercial forces may spread their messages.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (See articles 18 & 19)