Want to start your own Loesje group?

Here are 3 important Steps to take:

Step 1

Contact the International Office at loesje@loesje.org. We can supply you with all the information you need to get started!

Note: You may come to know Loesje through another group but it is important that you have direct contact with the International Office first.

Remember: you're always welcome to share your favourite Loesje texts from our archive with others and you don't have to be a part of any Loesje group to share a Loesje text.

Step 2

While the International office is discussing with you the possibility of a new Loesje Group in your country you can join (if you haven’t already) a Loesje Creative Writing Workshop or an online writing session. 

If you are just one enthusiast and you don't have intentions to make a Loesje group - there are still ways to participate, so don’t worry! The International Team will send you invitaions to Loesje activities such as online writing sessions.

Step 3

If your initiative to create your own Loesje Group is approved by the International Office you can go ahead and make your own website and social media platforms where you can share your activities, events and posters!

When you have your own local Loesje Group you can also learn from Loesje International:

How to write Loesje texts (keep joining our creative writing sessions) and start to write texts within your group.

Learn how to deliver Loesje workshops and host them in your community.

Learn how to edit the texts you produce in writing sessions/workshops.

Learn how to layout posters and upload them to the Loesje archive.