Sticking law

  Loesje International strives to inspire others by demonstrating practical examples of freedom of opinion and expression. Loesje posters are easily accessible here on the site in black and white, so they are simple to print. In many places Loesje also tries to take a stand for public space as a place for the citizens, and not a space where only commercial forces may spread their message.

In general it is allowed to spread posters in public but not in all places. Spreading opinions, ideas and thoughts is freedom of speech and falls under Article 19 of the universal declaration of human rights. However, every country has their own rules and regulations about the spreading of posters in public areas.

We recommend to read your local/national laws before sticking any Loesje posters. Our lawyers insist we inform you that Loesje can not be held responsible for any illegal spreading of posters and only offers poster downloads online to provide free access to them for people and not for any illegal actions.