Time to register for Youth Critical Media Literacy Training

The idea of the international training is to train 24 already experienced participants in arts, media and communication, using workshops to create a common understanding of the festival concepts and create the group work atmosphere, and practical »field work«, with an accent on peer to peer education and communication work. The training and its participants will at the same time be the media team of the Oddstream festival, creating synergies with it, and report from it, partly in collaboration with local media. Deadline for applying is 4th of April. 

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About the Oddstream Festival

The Oddstream festival entails 4 music stages, exhibitions, an ‘inspiration day for art and communication’ with lectures, live art, an open participation area with interactive activities, workshops, and Club Oddstream with a night program by DJs and artists. It aims at 10.000 visitors during 4 days. (More information at www.oddstream.org)

Where and When
Nijmegen, the Netherlands / 29th of May - 7th of June 2011

The project is looking for
24 participants (no age limit) who has already experience in written media and/or video. Participants must be residents of an EU country and can travel from all EU countries.

For the written media we are searching for these kinds of  participants:
- Writers - Interviewers - Coordination / editing - Photographer - Layout / design - Proof reader (skill)
For the video we are searching for these kinds of  participants:
- Interviewers (journalists, speakers) - cameramen - editing - editor/ coordination - streaming / mixing

- travel cost reimbursement 70% (maximum total travel cost is Euro varies from country to country). For some participants there might be transport arranged (depending on country.)
- free accommodation (breakfast, lunch, and dinner included)
- free entry to the festival
People will be hosted either at a hotel in nearby Nijmegen, or in huts with proper beds at the festival camping.
The reimbursement of travel costs will be done via bank transfer. 

Trainers Team
Luca Cataldo (Inca Italia - Inca Network)
Carola Ståhl (Loesje International)
Editor in chief, Written media: Ruuta Vimba (Mašta)
Editor in chief, Video: Rafael Ugarteche (VISIBLE - Inca Network) 

Partners in the training are Inca Italia (IT), Pink Sweater (NL), PINA (SI), Loesje International (DE/INT) and Mašta (DE/INT).

The project is funded by Youth in Action Programme of the European Commission.