Study Session participants chosen

After a hard selection process, 25 participants from more than 20 countries have been chosen from 270 applicants to join the Study Session at the European Youth Centre Budapest 21st to 27th of November 2011. Loesje International, Loesje Armenia, Loesje Egypt, Loesje Macedonia and Cazalla International from Spain are welcoming all of them and looking forward to working together soon!

Study Session "Why not exchange prejudices for experiences"


The Study Session aims to empower youth leaders to work with young people helping them overcome their stereotypes and learn to live in diverse and multicultural societies, to respect human rights, by using creative tools including those of Loesje.



Ø  To become aware and understand the concepts of human rights, diversity, prejudices and stereotypes

Ø  To explore how the prejudices and stereotypes manifest in the countries of participants.

Ø  To share the experiences of the participants in using creative tools for activism in their communities

Ø  To allow participants to reflect upon their position regarding human rights, diversity, prejudices and stereotypes

Ø  To develop the necessary competencies in order to implement the follow up initiatives in their communities and on international level.