Call for Participants! - Study Session: “Gender equality through human rights education and youth leadership”

IGLYO, Loesje Armeina, ISCA, CID and Egyesek in cooperation with the Directorate of Youth and Sport of the Council of Europe


European Youth Center Budapest

21st-28th of July, 2012


The study session will gather 30 young individuals from all across Europe willing to discuss, experience and participate in activities addressing gender equality using the approach of human rights and non-formal education.

The main aim of this study session is to raise awareness of youth leaders about gender inequality and stereotypes in an intercultural context and build their competences to empower groups to address gender based discrimination.


  • exploring and understanding genderassocial construction and its effects on social expectations and influence on young people,

  • analysing the process of automatic categorization and stereotype forming,

  • empowering youthleaders and developing their competences to challenge the gender stereotypes and inequalities throughyouth work,

  • develop critical thinking in regards to gender issues in an intercultural context,

  • developing the understanding of human rights, intercultural learningandthe use of  human rights education to address gender based discrimination


Profile of the participants

- Youth Leaders interested in working with the topic of gender equality

- Between 18 and 30 years old

- Able to work in English

- Committed to participate actively in the full duration of the study session

- Committed to contribute to the follow-up activity (working on ideas for new tolls/methods and future projects)


Application, procedure and selection of participants

The application form can be found on the following link:


The deadline is 30.05.2012

The preparatory team will select thirty participants on the basis of the profile outlined above. It will try as far as possible to respect the organizations’ priorities, but also to ensure a gender balance,  geographical regions, different types of experiences, cultural backgrounds and organizations, institutions and projects.  A waiting list may be established. Candidates will be informed whether their application has been accepted, rejected, or if they have been put on the waiting list, by 1st June 2012.

Travel expenses

Travel expenses and visa fees for the Study Session in Budapest are reimbursed according to the rules of the Council of Europe. Only the participants who attend the entire training course can be reimbursed. The payment will be made in cash during the study session or bybanktransferafterthestudy session.


Board and lodging for the residential training seminar will be provided and paid for by the Council of Europe.

Enrolment fee

An enrolment fee of 50Euros is payable by each participant. This amount will be deducted from the amount to be reimbursed for travel expenses or paid at the EYCB during the residential seminar.

Working languages

English will be the working language of the Study Session.

If you have questions related with study session, feel free to contact us by