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Well, what is this “Job shadowing”?  It’s a perfect opportunity, a wonderful experience which is unfortunately unknown to most of us. It’s a part of the Youth in Action program and thanks to this you can work (follow as a shadow) in some NGO during 7-21 days, see how they work, learn the “know how” of their successful existence, be a part of it. The travel costs are covered 70%, accommodation and food are provided. Plus you have some pocket money. Isn’t it too great an opportunity to miss out on?

To do your job shadowing in Loesje e.V. in Berlin is another thing, it’s another story J You’re working with an international group of wonderful people with huge experience and desire to help you, to encourage you and just to spend their precious time with you. From the beginning you’re in a creative and hard working process trying to do the same work in another, more creative, new and effective way. Even having lunch there is something: everyday someone is cooking for all some new things, so all together can enjoy it and chat with each other and exchange their positive mood.

If you’re doing your job shadowing in Berlin, you can say you’re very lucky and not at the same time, because you have so many things to do and to see after the working day and on weekends,  that a short time of stay is not enough ;) You can do all you want, find whatever you want and wherever you want: enjoy the huge parks, just walking there, have a rest, visit the museums, expositions, doing a walking tour in the city, find nice festivals, concerts, pubs, clubs, café, restaurants, etc, etc... and even more.

So, when are you going to experience it?

Milena Gasparyan and Hranush Shahnazaryan, Loesje Armenia

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My name is Marina I'm from Armenia. I would like to ask, what are the requirements for applying to “Job shadowing”? Thank you in advance.