Loesje sticking posters in Belgium

For several days Loesje went to Belgium to do some serious poster sticking. Of course our friends from Loesje Belgium were all present, the sun was shining big time and so were we  We started in Brussels on International Woman's day and the first poster put on a garbage pin, namely “Sexual liberation / were did we stop last time / the grandma of”, immediately drew a lot of attention. TV Brussels even filmed our poster and asked if they could have one for themselves. Fortunately we didn't have a shortage of them. We were sticking around old buildings, parks, statues, markets and even in the street full embassies. The poster “Confusion of Tongues / I call it European poetry” will surely raise some eyebrows just as we like it. Besides sticking posters there was also time for stories, special drinks and hanging around in old churches and cafés.

When we finally arrived in Gent, we spotted a poster from 1883. Yeah I know. One century too early, but it looked like an old painting. Later on we found out that our Loesje friend from Gent did stick this one some years ago at night. We had a great day in Gent, though we had to escape the police several times, because they were on the hunt for something and the posters were directing them to Loesje people, but we all knew how to behave like tourists, so when the police came we immediately brought out or camera's and took pictures of the old buildings around us.
Oh, and not to forget: In Gent there is one tavern which looks so mysterious that you think you have entered a different age. The owner looks like some old magician who tries to pull you in and will only let you out in a different world. A really cool thing is that he made us stick a lot of Loesje posters in front of his tavern. Not bad hè. 

Ok that's it for now but there are more adventures on the horizon.