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Turkey Loesje in Turkey, currently in Ankara and Istanbul. Rola 1 Join
Turkey Loesje Turkey Rola 1 Request membership
Loesje Morocco Loesje Morocco is active all over Morocco since 2017. Rola 2 Join
Bosnia Loesje Bosnia admin 4 Join
Latvia Loesje's Latvian Group artur 6 6 Join
Palestine Palestine Loesje local group page artur 12 19 Join
Ukraine Ukrainian group alliance-donetsk 6 9 Join
Liberia Loesje Liberia admin 5 4 Join
Loesje Italy Italian Loesje group admin 5 16 Join
Loesje Ireland The Irish Loesje group admin 5 12 Join
Loesje Poland Polska grupa Loesje artur 5 13 Join
Loesje Scotland Scottish Loesje group admin 2 3 Request membership
Loesje Germany Loesje in Deutschland admin 4 Request membership
Loesje Spain Spanish Loesje group admin 4 Request membership
Loesje France French Loesje group admin 3 Request membership
Loesje's Imagination Loesjes imagination, Karl Kungerstrasse 55, Berlin JessicaByrskog 1 5 Request membership
Loesje Finland Loesje suomeksi - The Finnish Loesje crew Joep 7 4 Request membership
Loesje Austria The Austrian Loesje groep admin 1 Request membership
Loesje België Belgian Loesje group Tom 11 3 Invite only