What music is playing on your stereotype?

In May 2010 (8th - 15th) Loesje International arranged an international seminar in Berlin with no less than eight different countries (Spain, Turkey, Armenia, The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Macedonia, United Kingdom).

The central theme of the seminar was combating discrimination and social exclusion through creative means. Themes handled included the positions of women, ethnic minorities and religious groups. Respect for human rights, and engaging with civil society in new and exciting ways were considered as answers to social exclusion and discrimination in the participants' countries.


  • To compare the realities of social exclusion in the participating countries, and collect the personal experience of participants in this context
  • To examine the connection between xenophobia, stereotypes, and exclusion of religious groups.
  • To analyse day-to-day discrimination of women and ethnic minorities, as well as reproduction of stereotypes through the media, and a broader structural discrimination
  • To discuss the merits of current programmes of Human Rights Education, and Inter-cultural Education, and to contribute to its ongoing development
  • To promote methods of creative engagement and the spreading of information as a way to combat discrimination and engage positively with civil society





This project is supported by The Council Of Europe and the European Youth Foundation.