Youth Critical Media Literacy Training

29th of May - 7th of June 2011, Nijmegen, the Netherlands

The idea of the international training was to train 24 already experienced participants in arts, media and communication, using workshops to create a common understanding of the Oddstream festival concepts and create a group work atmosphere, and practical »field work«, with an accent on peer to peer education and communication work. The training and its participants were at the same time the media team of the Oddstream festival, creating synergies with it, and reporting from it, partly in collaboration with local media.

Watch a film created during Oddstream, featuring some of the participants of the training:

Read the ODDnews: 

ODDnews Issue #1

ODDnews Issue #2

ODDnews Issue #3

ODDnews Issue #4

Partners in the training were Inca Italia (IT), Pink Sweater (NL), PINA (SI), Loesje International (DE/INT) and Mašta (DE/INT).

See some of the results here (at the moment only in Dutch):

For the films made during the training, search for 'Oddstream' at Youtube. 

The project was financed by