Otok Daily Multimedia Training Course

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Establish a multimedia reflective center during the Isola Cinema international film festival

To Rethink, Reflect, React, Recut, Redraw, Regrow, Rehang, Relearn, Remake, Reshoot, Rewrite communication tools

Workshops, learning by doing with experienced methors and team work in an international group - improve creative and effective communication tools

From the 26th May to the 5th June 2012

Highly motivated, basic skilled film, multimedia, design, photography youth workers who want to improve their skills in this fields in order to better promote their activities.

About the Isola Cinema international film festival: 
During May 25th and May 29th, 2004, a new international film festival Isola cinema, a festival of African, Asian, Latin American and Eastern European cinematography, saw the light of day for the first time. Isola cinema was conceived as a festival in the deepest sense of this word, a lively gathering of creators and visitors of the film art, through calmness and passion, so characteristic for these parts of the world. The festival takes place at the ancient town of Izola in Slovenia.