Recycled creativity festival 2011

              Since 2009 every year, in the last days of summer, Loesje helps to organize the Recycled Creativity Festival in Berlin. Behind this festival, there is an optimistic recurring theme: trash is not waste but the basis to develop our creativity. We try to see remains and leftover’s as an inspiring source of materials to build new objects and projects. Further than recycling, we upcycle items: transform them, mix them together in order to give them a new and better use.

            This festival was composed of creative workshops, colorful concerts, films and discussions. Recycling is not only about objects, it also finds a meaning in every form of art: design, music, film or food. For example, we created birdhouses out of old elections posters, watched a VJ-DJ performance made out of 50’s and 60’s horror movies, created colorful gogo trash wigs, swapped clothes, participated in several upcycling workshops and ate dumpster-dived food. This week was once again good to realize how big the possibilities of recycling in our lives are. With waste and a bit of imagination, we can let our creative skills run free.  

     Loesje took part in many activities and was also a starting point for others. On the 24th of September our stand gave visitors an idea of what Loesje is and what the possibilities to join our worldwide writing and activist group are. We organized a creative speed text writing workshop for everybody who was interested. Another workshop started to invent new slogans out of old Loesje posters. Finally, for the after party, a Loesje room, especially designed for the occasion with A3-A1 posters in several languages, was welcoming anybody who wanted to have a break from dancing, read some inspiring posters or write on the freedom of speech wall.

We ended this third edition of Recycled Creativity Festival with nice melodies in our ears, great upcycled objects in our bags, a feeling of collective happiness in our hearts and a lot of new creative and exciting ideas in our heads.

Stay tuned for the next festival edition:

recycling creativity 2011