Loesje's travelling passport project

We live in a Europe in which it appears that between certain countries, borders are beginning to mean less and less, existing more in our heads, than they do in reality. As borders between western European countries melt away, so entering the EU becomes harder, and for those without the correct documents, travelling becomes not an adventure, but a risk.

Mental and physical borders define our existence, and in a defiant move to challenge both, Loesje sent her passport on a trip around the world, inviting people to express and record their thoughts, feelings and experiences in relation to the various borders which they encounter. This material was collected in the latest international Loesje book; "What borders do you cross to be free".

An exhibition about borders and their implications was also assembled, and toured venues around the world. So far it was exhibited in Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Russia, Nepal, Spain, Estonia, the United Kingdom and Turkey. If you would like to host the exhibition contact loesje@loesje.org. 

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This project is supported by Jugend für Europa