Loesje Netherlands

Hi there,

as you might already have read elsewhere on this website I was born in Arnhem, the Netherlands, 24 November 1983. Since I was able to walk, I haven't really been sitting still in the corner, 'cause I think the world is too round for that. I've been traveling around the globe with a bucket of glue, spreading my posters and making friends in different countries, writing new poster texts with them and learning new languages.

During the years, more and more lovely people in the Netherlands have joined me in conquering the world with creativity and posters. In Arnhem my friends and I even dispose of a small office to coordinate all our creativity and send it out to the world (but of course creativity likes chaos much more). Don’t hesitate to visit our cosy, messy office whenever you visit the Netherlands. You can find us at: Roermondsplein 33, Arnhem.

We write new texts in Dutch every week, organize monthly sticking actions, support local writing and sticking groups, invite lecturers to help us understand certain topics more, do small creative street actions, and just anything that comes to our mind actually.

Regularly there are also text writing sessions in German and English. So if you live in the Netherlands, don’t speak Dutch, but do want to join me in text writing, you can contact me: loesje@loesje.nl

If you are younger than 30 and would like to do one year of European Voluntary Service (EVS) at our office, you are welcome to send in your application. For more information, please check: www.loesjeandeurope.org.

Now I will redirect you to my Dutch home page, enjoy reading it -or trying to read it if you’re not Dutch speaking- and I hope to meet you one day!



Loesje Netherlands