Creative Text writing workshop in Yerevan, Armenia!

I sat on the grass under a big tree in Lovers’ Park in the center of
Yerevan, thinking over a topic I had to write for the local magazine I
worked for when I heard very pleasant voice of a young lady sitting a
few steps away from me. She was explaining some rules (I thought of a
game but later it turned to be a text writing workshop) to a group of
people sitting in a circle around her. I got very much interested
since the participants had to suggest different themes for the
workshop. The guys seemed to be friends, since they communicated quite
easily. They looked very much motivated and enthusiastic about the
work they were involved. The themes they suggested were rather
diverse, such as full moon, immigration, harmony, abuse, etc. What I
really liked was that some of them completely reflected the Armenian
The process of text writing was really interesting: they put down one
theme on the top of the paper of participant and later they had to
write anything that passed their minds related to that specific topic,
this gave them very wide range of ideas. You may imagine how excited I
was when I realized that the topic I had been searching for “visited”
me itself. I came closer to the circle and observed their silent
brainstorm. They would write ideas, statements, questions or simply
phrases on the sheets and pass to one another. At the final stage they
would highlight ideas each of them liked most.
What happens next? What is all that about? “The chosen ideas will
later appear on Loesje posters and can be seen in public places of
Yerevan, they reflect our reality and they speak out what bothers us”,
says Hranush Shahnazaryan, the Head of Loesje Armenia, “This text
writing is the first workshop done in Yerevan within the activities of
Loesje Armenia and I am really glad that more and more people get
interested in these kind of activities and I am sure this is just the
It’s true this kind of projects are like fresh air, they give us
chance to breathe, to fly, we start to think, to develop, to improve.
It is not simply a statement on a poster, it’s a knock to your door,
it makes you think and as a result you develop. That IS a key to the
development of any society.

By Anna Harutyunyan