World Sticking Day!

With the help of her friends, Loesje spread her posters all over the globe today for the World Sticking Day!

Here are some examples of cities that got a creative spree over their walls and other public places.

If you didn't stick yet, you still have some hours to go until the 3rd of May ends. Brush, check; posters, check; glue, check; Ready! Set! Go!

Posters have been spotted all over the world

Posters in Delf and Utrecht, Netherlands.

Posters in Berlin, Germany.

Posters in Prilep, Macedonia.

Here find the different press review in the Dutch media about the World Sticking day: 

De Stentor Zwolle:

Rtv Nijmegen Lonneke 's middags

Brabants Dagblad (Tilburg) via Vero

RTV Brabant Janne, Kaat en Meindert Den Bosch

Jongin Arnhem, Judith in Arnhem

Kfirxhil Zxieypday Rnierbsyo

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