Summer Camp is not over / See you next year!

"Whatever happened in the summercamp stays in the summercamp?" If your curiosity is too big or if you want remember all the crazy stuffs that happened in only 10 days, it is time for you to read our Summercamp 2012 article! 




It all started with a bunch of lovely-happy-crazy people meeting up in the most unexpected venue of Belgium: Tronle. If Tronle doesn't sound super exciting to you, it is probably because you have never been to the Gite Le Baty. Surrounded by cows and hills, the Gite was ready to welcome creative and playful spirits with: a piano, outdoor tables, a boule/kubb playground, a bar full of Belgian beers and bar-pretenders and even a secret hidden toilet for all the secret hidden thingies (quickly named the Hobbit). To set our international team in a Belgian mood, a big Smurfs-quizz was organized by Loesje Belgium and we must admit that it was quite useful for the rest of our stay in a country with 3 official languages and way more french fries sauces.

But this was JUST the beginning of the camp and nobody could even IMAGINE what happened in the next days! All together, we started to build the School of Freedom, where everybody was free to give and attend different workshops. They were various and numerous. For example, the participants could enter the matrix while ignoring the weather, talk to cows and eat wild plants from the green meadows around, participate in the Loesje Olympics in stop motion or simply speak Russian during the Belgian beer tasting workshop. It was also a big opportunity to talk about Loesje's future and how we want to shape it together.     

Each of the summer camp days were different and unpredictable but some regular features gave our residents the illusion of a daily routine. Wake-up service, provided by various creatures and monsters, poured some coffee and tea in our beds every morning. On the breakfast table, the Daily A4 was lazily waiting to make its first gossip/quote victims. A changing team of international cooks prepared the finest dishes, never forgetting the pince of smurfs or racoons. And after the daily cleaning announcer screamed in the middle of the dinner, it was time to get ready to party! No matter who you were (maybe a dragon or Captain Cutlery), where you were (could have been in the forest or in the VIP tent)and with who you were (why not Bicycle Repair Man or the Queen), parties had no limits, no rules and hardly any end.  

Thanks to all the participants for this great adventure! And remember that the Summer Camp is not over, the feelings, pictures, songs, and quotes will last forever in our heart...

Well... at least until the next one! See you all very soon again old campers and newcomers!