Loesje Sweden won the poster competition Kolla!

Loesje Sweden won a diploma together with ten other winners for having made the best poster within the category ”Political and social issues information” within the years 2001 and 2011. It was the Swedish Illustrators association that arranged the competition Kolla! For the year 2012. Of 1500 contributions sent in, 64 got diplomas in six different categories; Art/theatre and film, Art/exhibition, Political and social issues information, Ads, Poster and lastly Free category. The poster that Loesje won with was: MY THOUGHTS ARE ON THE ELECTRICITY CABINET / WHERE ARE YOURS. Other winners in the category was Amnesty international, Save the Children and HIV-Sweden. There is more to read about the competition and to see the contributions on the following website (in Swedish): www.kolla.se/2012/tavla/vinnare/ For you who understand Swedish, all the winning contributions are also published in the book ”KOLLA! PÅ AFFISCHEN 2002-2012".